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    I just read this article by the next web and actually it showed the biggest complain and con of webos, this is the only os that has hardware and software by the same company so at least they should be competitive with ios in terms of performance and touch response, while the touchpad is actually powerful than the ipad 2 its much much slower, bootup is 1:30 vs <30 sec, overall touch response in core apps is really not that great and sometimes the device totally locks up in the youtube videos I've watched.
    IMO webos can kill ios if they just had the polish and would lov for palm to stop adding features and get performance and touch response up to snuff in the next major updates, btw I know its much harder for webos to get better performance as web technologies can't be smooth like native code and my idea would be webos rebuilt on native linux code with the same ui and features and synergy but everything would be native.Why can't anyone make a tablet better than the iPad? Touch. - TNW Apple
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    That's a very interesting article and touches on many issues complained about in this forum accurately without any lag. (forgive the pun)

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