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    Quote Originally Posted by khe05 View Post
    once in a while emails are not shown. The mail is loaded, and the headline appears, but thetext stays away
    same issue. Email text is all missing. Closing and reopening the email app fixes it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khe05 View Post
    how are you using skype? I donīt find the app in the store, is that available in the us only?
    launch the "accounts" app and add your Skype account info. Then, you use "Just type..." to Skype the person you want. Alternatively, you can alsonview your online Skype contacts in the Messaging app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlopin View Post
    When using Skype, the video was working for 10 minutes, then just stopped transmitting. Even after rebooting it no longer transmits my video. In the short time it was working the other party said my video was awful - pixelized and laggy. The other party was using Skype on a Mac and it looked great on my end. My wifi was 10mbps down, .75mbps up.

    Do you know what their connection speed was? They might have had good upload bandwidth which paired up nicely with your download speed...hence you could see them. Your upload speed is about 100KBps which is not bad, but your trying to upload 1.3mp video and would explain the pixelation the other party was seeing.
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    After a reboot, most of my Launcher icons will have moved back to their original pages. Very annoying. It has happened 3 times, now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
    Or just Home and Power until you see the logo.
    Thanks for the tip. My pad was hopelessly frozen. All I could do is pull up the launcher, but nothing would launch. Couldn't even shut it down the proper way.

    Glad I came here.
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    Sometimes when I put my TouchPad to sleep then pick it up later, there is no audio at all until I reboot.

    I'm loving my TouchPad, but I wish we were being compensated for acting as beta testers for what is clearly not production-ready code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipah View Post
    I am having an issue where when I try to make bluetooth calls or skype calls the audio just dies and the speakers or headphones just make popping sounds every few seconds.... Any one else seeing this?
    In addition to my previously mentioned audio issue, I've gotten popping sounds too.
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    Skype sometimes refuses to log on.
    The keyboard sometimes does not come up when focused in an input field.
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    In the thread about a "comprehensive comparison of ipad and touchpad", OP attached a pdf file, which is reported by several people as un_openable on touchpad. There may be a bug with pdf on touchpad then, since it can be viewed properly on other platforms.

    Edit, apparently it's because the file was not asked to be downloaded properly, see if somebody can track down where the problem is.
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    so my son is playing angry birds rio and the card exits on its own. I just thought he is seven and keeps messing up. I then play the game and it happens to me too. So I have a few cards open, email web and such.
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    I've seen this too. It hasn't happened since though but will probably see it again. Try restarting. This has happened with other full screen PDK apps as well. I have not seen any Touchpad specific Enyo apps do this.

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    When I type out a review in the Software Manager "Review App" window, there is space for about 60 characters in the visibile portion of the text field, then I would expect for the rest of the text to wrap to the next line but it does not. Instead, the rest of the text that I type continues to type off the screen and because of the way the TP does not allow the user to cursor through text, there is no way to edit or review what text has been written which is a REAL aggravation. HP Please fix this bug QUICKLY!!!
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    BUG: App will not load. See empty notification instead.

    Happens sporadically with almost any app (browser, facebook, device info, etc.,.) I noticed that if I close some of the cards apps will start loading again. Sometimes I have to close ALL cards for things to work.

    BUG: Phone app appears to load at random.

    While using the browser sometimes the phone app will appear to load and then disappear. This interrupts your current activity.

    BUG: Browser refreshes the page SOMETIMES when returning from card view.

    If I am browsing a site and then go to card view, look at another app, then return to the browser, the browser page will automatically refresh. This causes problems if you are writing in a forum or comment box as you will lose that content.

    BUG: You cannot swipe up and go into card view with the keyboard open.

    If you are in an app like messaging and need to quickly check calendar or email you have to either use the home button, or hit the keyboard button and then swipe to card view.

    CORRECTION: You can go to card view, but it's "quirky". Sometimes it works, sometimes it registers as space bar.
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    BUG: Macintoshian Achaia - Ars Technica OpenForum does not display correctly in the web browser. Page appears too wide and you have to pan back and forth.

    Attached screenshot of issue
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    Bug:i cannot share a youtube video from within the facebook app I click the facebook share button under the video and nothing happens. Also some parts of the facebook website dont display like the bottom of the webpage
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    calemndar is not auto syncing with google calender
    after having added a googlemail account to be able to import contacts from a mac (why isnīt it working directely?), no more functions of the calendar. I cant sync anything, problems adding my old googleaccount (the one without mail)
    password problems.
    when setting up an account and defining no use with calendar, and then try to add it in the calendar app "unknown failure" appears.
    Anyone having trouble with the calender as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by djfu3l3r View Post
    Bug:i cannot share a youtube video from within the facebook app I click the facebook share button under the video and nothing happens. Also some parts of the facebook website dont display like the bottom of the webpage
    yes cannot share the video because of the problem with the browser as it doesnt display the bottom right of the page which has the share link button,same problem with FB chat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khe05 View Post
    once in a while emails are not shown. The mail is loaded, and the headline appears, but thetext stays away
    I'm having the same problem. Sometimes opening and closing the email app does not clear it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4ever View Post
    I transfered 13gb of music from my Android tablet to the Touchpad in USB mode. Put all of the music in a folder labeled "Music". The Music app cannot find any of it. Still says I have 0 songs.
    I had the same problem, so I took all the music out of the "music" folder and put it in the main folder, then it all showed up in the music app.

    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    HUGE BUG: after using the TP for a while, Just Type seems to stop working properly.

    Example: I have Preware installed, yet typing in "preware" yields nothing. I also have "Precentral Forums" added to the launcher, yet typing in "pre" shows neither the Preware app nor the Precentral Forums web page.

    This bug happens pretty frequently. Anyone else notice similar behaviors when using Just Type?
    Go into the "just type" setting and check preware so it knows to look for it.
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    Lock screen shows an empty notification bar, but there is no notification at all when I unlock it. Has happened a few separate times now but I haven't come across any direct way to reproduce it. Screenshot attached.
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