View Poll Results: Are you getting an Applectomy?

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  • Yes! The ugly growth needs to go!!

    6 16.22%
  • Kinda. I'll be using a combo of webOS and iOS products.

    3 8.11%
  • No. I'll stick with iOS thank you very much.

    3 8.11%
  • No need. I avoided infection.

    25 67.57%
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    The TouchPad has released. I'll be looking to get one within the next few weeks to continue my Applectomy (the removal of Apple products from my life; I'm trying to turn it into a twitter hashtag).

    What about you? Are you also getting an Applectomy?
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    Yes. I'm typing this on my last MacBook Pro seeing how Mac OS iPad is due out in July and I don't want any part of that crap.
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    All i have is an ipod nano which won't be going away until it breaks and needs an update. On notice however is that im getting a macbook pro next year.
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    I've actually never owned anything from Apple. Closest I've ever been close to an Apple are the iMac CRTs (those things were great with Mac OS 9, BTW) in computer graphics class back in high school and when I worked for another school during my co-op days.
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    I don't, and haven't owned any Apple products. I might be getting the iPad2, much to my chagrin. The TouchPad doesn't have the features I absolutely need to use it for my intended purposes.
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    I work on a Mac. But since I got my Pre- I was even able to stop using my old, no apple for me.

    While I am working on Macs all my co workers tend to hear is about how Windows 7 doesn't make my brain hurt like their precious OSX. (I seriously don't understand why they think OSX is so fabulous when you cannot even apple+tab to go back to a program if the program is 'minimized' on the doc :P )

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    I'm not really happy that Apple is turning OS X into iOS so I'm going to be moving away from Macs as time goes by. I have a Windows 7 desktop I really enjoy and my next laptop will be Windows 7 as well.
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    I really like my Macbook Pro...I don't ever see myself changing that.

    I still was using my original launch day Pre- until I upgraded to Evo 3D...I think that if I would have gotten the Pre 3 I would really consider the Touchpad because I feel like the main draw is how they work together but at this point I'll probably get an iPad2 if/when I get a tablet.
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    #APPLECTOMY . . . hhmmmmm that could catch on, who coined it? I explain to my friends its simple economics. Compare ANY products to what Apple products in simple value, then answer the question --- is the difference in actual benefits worth the price (ie., the value difference). In all cases NO, but some can't get into the #applectomy process ~
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    The only Apple product I use anymore is my iMac which is a great product. I do own a Nano (the with the camera) but I hardly use it. Apple does make good products but some of their horrid philosophies that if they bring to the Mac product I would have to turn away from.
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    I'm probably one in a few that are proud to say that I don't own a single Mac product. Never got on the Ipod wagen and never got into Itunes, just fine with my Media Player or Sony's Media Go for PSP (also works great for getting media on my Pre Plus!!!) The only thing of Mac I can say I've used would be Real Media Player, but I usually uninstall once it's been installed. I'm Applectomy all the way!

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