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    My Review of Touchpad Reviews

    I read many of the TP reviews- Precentral, Engadget, Ars Technica, This is my Next, BGR, etc.

    Mind you, I have not used a touchpad. *But based on all these reviews, here is the gist of my thoughts on these reviews.


    no doubt everyone comments on how thick the TP is compared to some of the competitors. *MY TAKE: who really cares? *Majority of people don't have tablets, so it doesn't make a difference. *Go back and read reviews on the original iPad- did all these reviewers complain about how thick it was? *NO! *Yes, the TP design is a year behind the ipad 2 and galaxy tab 10.1, but who cares- the first version of both of those were similarly thick. *Non-issue, for me atleast, just as it was a non-issue when the first ipad was released.

    There are some key missing features like the rear camera and HDMI output, but I think these are minor when you think about how most people will be using tablets anyways. *I do think HP will add these features on future tablets, and there may be a need for these later, but I don't think its a killer deficiency.

    Re: the plastic feel and fingerprint magnet, I think this was a poor decision by hp- and a bit baffling, esp how seemingly well built the pre2, veer, and Pre3 are- with the soft touch backing. *I agree with the reviewers here. *HOWEVER, most people will put some kind of cover/case on the TP, making it again, a non-issue.


    My biggest gripe, and it is software. The only reviews that count here are precentral's and webosroundup's, because the reviewers here use webos as their daily driver, not for review purposes intermixed with various other devices with competing OS'.*

    There is lag- calender, facebook, messaging, email, contacts, the web browser. We can't blame the hardware anymore folks. Its NOT a problem with the hardware, as I believe the TP's processor and memory are way more than adequate....they're top notch. *And its not a case by case situation- even people playing with it at walmart before its release hinted at the laginess. This has persisted from webOS 1 to 2 and now to 3. *It is a problem with webOS. *I don't know why- perhaps because web languages are inherently slow? (I'm not a developer so I have no clue). Because webOS is constantly syncing when you open an app (the constant syncing on my 2.1 email app when I open an email acct, for example is infuriating)? *Who knows...I am seeing on the forums that a "software update" is coming to fix some of these problems asap, anywhere from one to a few weeks after launch. *But lets see it actually happen.

    Look, its been over 2 years since webOS' launch, and I have full faith HP will fix many of these software lags shortly...but my biggest issue then is...why in the world did they release review units with buggy software? *It makes no sense as now these reviews are out that all possible future customers will read, and will put a damper on touchpad sales. *All the reviewers suggest getting an ipad2 or galaxy tab instead until the TP is more mature.
    Doesn't HP have enough people internally testing the software to have noticed all these bugs and lags? *Really? *HP/ Palm GBU needs to improve their internal quality control over the software before releasing it out into the public. *

    Re: the Apps, I think in the long term it will be a non-issue. *Now that HP has built it, and released it thru many different outlets, the app numbers will steadily improve. *Not a big problem here. *

    Personally, I can't justify the funds needed to purchase a TP right now, and these reviews did not help. *Its still a luxury device that hasn't gotten luxury service by HP...yet. *Hopefully with the software updates it will improve. *My priority right now is to get the Pre3...I just hope HP is fixing all the software bugs on webOS 2.x versions before releasing it into the wild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    why in the world did they release review units with buggy software?

    Doesn't HP have enough people internally testing the software to have noticed all these bugs and lags? .
    you know, those are damn good questions I want to ask too.
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    "Doesn't HP have enough people internally testing the software to have noticed all these bugs and lags? *Really? *HP/ Palm GBU needs to improve their internal quality control over the software before releasing it out into the public."

    This is what I have continuously posted about, as well; it is THE issue I'm mostly concerned with, because, everything else can be fixed, one way or another, but, this internal incompetence can have a crippling effect on any product's acceptance when those units are meant for media critics to review; moreover, on a device that is so new to the product line as the TP, it could have a huge effect on how the consuming public, now possibly looking for pad-like devices that are alternatives to Android and iOS, will percieve WebOS.

    Maybe HP can make this "right" quickly with the reviewers with that patch, and some diplomacy, but, this smacks of an internal bureaucracy that got in its own way of trying to get "it right" while trying to "meet a deadline"; the lesson "Quality first" apparently was not on anyone's minds.

    That said, LA did say that this isn't a "sprint", but, rather a "marathon", and, I guess he's referring to the fable of the tortoise vs the hare, HP being the tortoise, of course, so, steady effort and learn from mistakes made, hopefully, is the policy at HP now.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    seriously after watching some of the review videos the lag was painful to watch. I would rather have HP delay the launch in order to polish up the touchpad. This lag has plagued webos from the start. These reviews have giving a bad taste to would be new adopters, you even had people who pre ordered, second guessing there decision for pre ordering. These updates need to come fast and on time. non of this coming month, weeks bull****..
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    I haven't seen the lagginess during my time with the device. A couple of thoughts.

    1. there seems to be some issue that over time the device slows down. I'm no programmer/IT guy/knowledgeable geek at that level, but what I've heard is that issue is due to memory leaks. Two consequences, regardless of cause: (a) you can fix it by re-booting, which is totally annoying (I will note that my Xoom, just sold on ebay to buy a TP, had to be re-booted almost daily to keep it *functioning*, not just to solve a lagginess problem, thank you Honeycomb, which first update did not resolve), and (b) if you want to exaggerate TP's lagginess issue, you use the device intensively for awhile until it's really slow, then you try to do something resource-intensive, make a video, post it, and call it an in-depth review without giving any context.

    2. I would not let the lagginess issue stop you from considering its purchase, although delaying purchase might be smart if it's a show stopper for you. I think there are other issues that could be more serious. Every morning at breakfast, I hear my partner complain about how is iPad1 is slow doing this, failing to load that, blah blah blah. He's getting an iPad2 today (I hope), and I hope it cures most of these problems, because I don't want to hear it anymore . Seriously, the venerable iOS has some of the same issues, but no one is saying to not buy devices running it. Furthermore, because HP has already acknowledge the issue, and HP has already said it would address the issue within a month of today with an OTA update (iOS can't do that, ain't no app for that, and by golly, you need a cable AND a computer), I'm hopeful that the situation will improve. If lagginess is your primary reason to not buy now, I'd wait until the update and see how well the problem is addressed.

    Seriously, the reviewers who gave it average to bad marks lost all credibility with me after an hour with a demo TP yesterday. I will reserve final judgment until I've put my soon-to-be-acquired unit through its intense workouts, however.... It's painful to read on these forums how some demo units are not being maintained, which is just bad business for those stores, and furthers a mediocre impression.
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    We'll be fine. The update will fix it, and patches will make it even better.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
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    I have faith we'll be fine with the updates...but the reviews are out where most consumers research gadgets. The damage could be done, when it didn't need to.

    please please please hp, thoroughly test the Pre3 before releasing it to the reviewers!

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