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    Hmm, I use handbrake and aneesoft to do the conversions for my TP, one for straight convert, and aneesoft for some more tweaking.
    Hmm, best settings to transfer videos? I just let WebOS to transfer, use the default settings...
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    presets for handbrake that work on TP.
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    Anyone here use Ripbot? Will using just the iPad preset work ok?

    I converted a movie using ripbot's ipad setting. The TP sees the video fine but if I try to play it, it just stays at the frame. I can skip to any point in the movie but it just stays on that frame like it's a picture.
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    DVDfab 8 : Just use the settings of an IPad, it will generate a *.m4v file. Copy the file directly into your TouchPad. You can place your file anywhere on the Touchpad. Disconnect safely your Touchpad. Your movie file should be visible through the "Photos & Videos" appplication.

    If your movie file is not visible, it means that something went wrong during the movie conversion.

    *****Be careful, your file shoud not exceed 2 Gb (approx) because you will received a message like "FILE TOO LARGE" during the copy of file to the TouchPad.

    It works fine for me
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