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    Dear All,

    I reside in Switzerland, and hence my credit cards to be able to buy apps are billed to a Swiss address.

    In the past, on my Pre-, Pre plus and Pre2, I have never been able to buy apps, because Switzerland was not on the list of countries etc.etc. Even with my Pre2 activated first time with a German Sim card, I could see the purchasable apps in the German store, but could never use my Swiss credit cards.

    Is this mechanism still valid, or can one now purchase apps in Switzerland?

    Has the app purchase mechanism changed for the better? Would appreciate your insights please?

    Thanks, BillyTT
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    It looks like Veer and Pre3 comming soon to Swiss (And i would think the TP too !)

    webOS-Geräte nun endlich auch offiziell in der Schweiz | webOS Blog

    So i think they add AppCatalog to swiss credit cards soon :-)
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    I live in Australia and have had the same issues. However, do previously unsupported countries' credit cards work now? Has anybody tried?
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    According to this article the WebOS 3.0 (the one in TouchPad) is Geo Restriction Free.
    No Geo Restrictions on webOS 3.0 Apps | News |webOSroundup
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    i live in Italy same problem here..are you sure that Touchpad is geo restriction free? somebody that have the Tablet already can confirm?
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    Any news, friends? Living in unsupported country and also worry can I buy apps there?
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    There has been a discussion in the Veer forum about a change in app catalog access:
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    FYI: today I had a chat with an HPalm-support-guy and he told me that HP is working on it (eliminate geo-restrictions) but it'll take some more time...

    live in switzerland as well...
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    And you couldn't just use Impostah?......I just downloaded Kindle and the moviestore(which won't work anyway due to billing address issues) and I was locked out "allegedly."
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2¢ about anything. I may however, give a nickel

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