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    OP: Yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    I don't mind the members on here that have a few hundred posts ranting once in a while, but when you start having these 1-2 post new members coming on just to hate on the HP products, I have to ask myself.. do these people have a life? If they hate the product so much, why are they even on here? I know why, because in the real world, nobody wants to listen to them complaining and ignores them. Here, we unfortunately have to wade through all their crap messages in order to get to the good ones.
    Yeah, I have to pull my tinfoil hat out of storage for this stuff. Why would someone create a new account just to blast the Touchpad (or HP, or webOS, or Sprint)?

    Could it be the same reason I created an account on Android Central? (full disclosure, I created it after a few lagers so I could whine, but have never used it)..

    Or perhaps some manufacturers who are feeling threatened are astroturfing?

    Frankly, the last possibility seems unlikely, given the accepted wisdom of tech-land that webOS is a late and doomed entrant into the tablet wars. But it's also the most flattering possibility =)
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    To be honest, I think most of the criticism that I've seen (or perhaps spouted) stems from a sincere disappointment with the product that they/we/I thought would be something special. I love WebOS as an operating system. However, it seems that Palm, and now HP (lead by left over Palm personnel) are following the same path they took with the Pre-. Great OS, but the hardware just wasn't ready. This is nothing new. I'm not trolling. I'm not a hater. I certainly don't want this product line to fail. I just want the product to be what ALL of us know it can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    I don't really see how people can honestly not discuss the pro's and con's of buying a tablet and coming up with an idea of whether or not they should buy a table...
    I don't think the complaint is about those that discuss the "Pros and cons" - it's about those that want to discuss only "the cons and cons".
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    But is venting frustrations, even sincere frustrations, one of the intended purposes of the forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperator64 View Post
    Jay, one could ask why you're so predisposed to liking webos?...
    Does the "why" matter? This is a WebOS forum. If it was an "Anti-WebOS" forum, the rants would be well-placed, welcomed, and no one would be expected to answer why they don't like the system.
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    See, I looked this over -

    And didn't see anything about venting frustrations, warning potential buyers, or any of that. It did say this:

    Users who join Pre|Central share a common enthusiasm for HP-Palm, webOS smartphones, and related products. This isn't a debate site. It's a user-to-user support community about all things webOS.
    And it doesn't even tell us we have to know why we (supposedly) share that "common enthusiasm".
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    And it doesn't even tell us we have to know why we (supposedly) share that "common enthusiasm".
    Maybe because the enthusiasts already know why they are enthusiastic?
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    This thread has run it's course.... thank you.

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