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    I have played around with this and the caller hears themselves echoing when they talk. I think it is as above the mic is picking up the speakers, and there is a delay related to the time it takes for the sound to go through the system. Any thoughts or solutions. Seems like the best answer is text through the touchpad but use a bluetooth headset to talk on the phone.
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    The algorythm to suppress echos is built into the phone, can break with any external speakerphone if the audio is delayed or if it changes in tone too much. I have it happen when trying to use my car stereo as the speaker in one car, but not another.

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    I have the same problem with my Iphone 4, muting the phone solves the problem but that is not a good fix. It is just an extra step to using the TP to make or receive calls.
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    You could just pick up the phone for phone calls - just saying....

    I prefer to use the connection for SMS and other things but yelling at my tablet always seemed silly to me. In any case, that would solve your problem.
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    my TP and Per Plus generate a horrible echo at the other end I'm told. I just don't use the linking... Too bad.
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    Annoyingly you can't pair both a phone and a headset to the touchpad at the same time.

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    Same bad echo problem here. I will try the muting of the phone, but like it was said before this is not a good solution.

    Bringing this back up top to hear of any more solutions.
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