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    Quote Originally Posted by Guish View Post
    I got the 32 from BB this evening. RZ + rebate? It's like printing money . . .
    RZ? What's that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post
    RZ? What's that?
    Best Buy Reward Zone loyalty program
    I see pandas.
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    Got mine at 10:30 last night at Wal-Mart - the only one they received. Took about an hour to remember all of my passwords/profile names to get things up and running.

    I have a Pre- with 1.40.50, but everything from the App Catalog updated. Now I need to transfer over the Homebrew. I'll tell you how that worked out later.
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    Got mine from BB yesterday on my lunch hour. First time I've ever been a first generation adopter of tech, never rushed into getting cellphones or PDAs at the onset. I've always waited for a while so initial kinks get worked out. But being a Palm using since about 2002, now a fan of webOS, and admittedly a little anti-i(insert product name here) cult , I really wanted to make owning a TouchPad happen (...and help webOS dominate the world! ). Having played with it for half a day now, I can completely understand now why iPads are so popular, and I know this puppy's gonna become a useful part of my lifestyle from now on. I'm patiently waiting for those OS updates and additions to the HP App Catalog to come. As I've told friends who joke that I should just get an iPad, I'm "all in" with this HP TouchPad. I'm placing my faith in HP that they are too!

    P.S. - Been a lurker for the past month. This is my first time post here at PreCentral!
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