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    32 gb for the discount my sweet baby is charging up now!
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    Got one today too!
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    I definitely got one, a 16g, and I love it so far. I'm posting this from it right now
  4. dec
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    I got minz . . . not sure what I'm going to do with the other one enroute???
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    got my 32GB at BB in Union Sq (NYC) on my way to work -- around 7.45am

    so excited!
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    got my 16gig. So far so awesome.
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    Loving it. Waiting on Preware for it!
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    Drove to Seattle from Vancouver Canada to get mine, but I got one right off the UPS truck. Couldn't wait for the Canadian release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noktomezo View Post
    Loving it. Waiting on Preware for it!
    Yes, Preware!
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    I got mine this morning at a Best Buy in Queens, NY. They had no demo unit out, just a sign saying "coming soon". I spotted 2 in a locked display case and had a salesperson get one for me. Set it up at home and haven't been able to put it down all day!
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    I got the 32 from BB this evening. RZ + rebate? It's like printing money...
    BB had a display front and center, with two working demos and two not working Veers. The rep asked if I had any questions and said it was a good tablet. It sounded a bit coached, but its better than 'explain why you want this and not an ipad.'

    Initial impression is infatuation. Smaller than I thought it was going to be for some reason. Dude, just made my keyboard smaller, heh. :-) Sync took a while but was very thorough.

    Feels good. Way more intuitive than the wife's android 'blet. Also made her green with the Angry Birds card launch. Need more apps!!!! I do think the phone app emulator is slick though and will fill the gap. Also been toying with developing myself, but I get enough of that at work. Too bad the SDK doesn't run on the TouchPad...

    I may have missed this in War and Peace, er, the review, but I can't seem to toss off-centered cards, meaning the ones to either side in card view. I use that alot on my phone.
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    Best Buy (Paramus Garden State, NJ) - 32gb version. Was the first to buy one from the store. They had 25 in stock. They also had the 16gb in stock. No categories, accept the screen protector was available.

    Not too impressed so far. There webOS lag is still there. WebOS 3.0 is several steps back from webOS 2.1.0, just as webOS 2.1.0 was from webOS 1.4.5. Why o why?

    PS. There was a HP regional manager present. I had a long talk with him about the drawbacks in the touchpad and also the Pre 3. He mentioned that the Pre 3 is slated for an August release. Take that for what it's worth.
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    Picked up my pre-ordered 32GB model at Best Buy this afternoon without any trouble. Been having lots of fun playing with it today. Really like it a lot so far.

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    I was going to start a new thread, but then decided it would be pointless for just one answer.

    Anyways, with the new facebook application, did they finally enable sound notifications yet?
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    I GOT ONE! I love this thing so much. Ive never been so excited for a tech purchase before, maybe except for my pre. Got a 16gb, I just couldnt pull the plug on a 32 gb.
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    Guish, ya off-centered cards do not respond. I never tried that in the emulator, but on device I use it all the time. Kinda sucks, but just like trying to swipe back, we will get used to it.

    Sanjay, seriously mine screams. Like instant and fluid cards, launcher. The only 'lag' is when the apps open. But everyone should be aware by now that iOS and And roid, launch screenshots while loading to make it appear faster. I find nothing slow. You should let us know what is lagging.
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    get mine at Best Buy yesteday. luvin int
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    I agree with no lag. I have seen plenty of android and ios tablets in action. All have some pauses and touch issues here and there. ALL. If anything webos is faster in some places. It seems they made an effort to make some things super fast to counter an unfair narrative that webos is inherently laggy.
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    Been too busy playing with it to post but I got one yesterday and played with it until the battery finaly died about 2 AM this morning, the battery lasts forever even while streaming hours worth of Hulu videos! 32GB ordered on Amazon the day before with overnight shipping.

    I think it is great, have experienced very little lag and no unintended reboots. I found the app selection to be surprisingly good for launch day and the browser works so well that most things I may have desired an app for I can just do in the browser.
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    enticed by bb's 0% credit deal to pick up the 32. Love it.
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