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    Got mine during lunch, so awesome. Syncing is taking a while because I have a lot of apps.
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    Sprung for the 32GB because of the $50 rebate
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    Quote Originally Posted by xwhizx View Post
    Sprung for the 32GB because of the $50 rebate
    Gotta get the 32gb with that discount
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    Went to work late today so I could stop by my local Best Buy first thing in the morning. Picked up the 32 gig version and I love it.
    It was torture waiting for lunch time at work so I could unbox it and run through set up. But hey it's quitting time with a 3 day weekend ahead and the future looks brighter.

    If you're sitting on the fence because of hardware quality or weight... I say GO GET ONE.
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    Got my pre-ordered 32GB at Best Buy earlier today! BBY employees were clueless as usual, but I took it home with a minimum of fuss.

    First thing I noticed when I took it out of the box: how light it was compared to what I was expecting. Considering all the moaning and whining about how "heavy" it is compared to other tabs, I was very pleasantly surprised. Feels lighter than my first-gen iPad, honestly.
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    I'm a pretty die-hard webOS user from the beginning, and I have to admit that I was getting a little sceptical after some of the reviews. Picked up a 32 GB today, because of the rebate.

    My wife has an iPad, and the TouchPad is just so much more enjoyable to use. I though that the TouchPad would be a little nicer than the iPad, but we are talking night and day. It could be my imagination, but the typing is 100% better.

    There are still quite a few rough edges that I hope get cleaned up. For example, I couldn't log into my WIFI with a MAC address, and you can't get that until after set-up, and you can't set-up until you have WIFI. I looked and couldn't find the MAC address on the box or anywhere else.

    I can't wait to take this into the office next week and get a little TouchPad envy from all the iPad folks running around.
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    I pre ordered mine from HP on the 20th. I checked the status of my order today and it was not schedualed to ship until tomorrow the 2nd! I called Staples and asked if they had any and was told no. I called closest Best Buy and they said which do you want 16 or 32? I said 32 (only $50 more with early adopter discount) and they said it will be waiting for you at customer service. I called and cancelled the order with HP direct and picked it up over lunch. I am just now sitting down to unpack it and get started!!

    billy, palm user from the beginning.
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    Got mine at 1 PM today. I'm in LOVE.
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    got mine 16gb today at BB. Seemed to be a whirl wind of activity around it as the manager was making sure to bring every employee by and talk to them about beats, talking about headphones and who had a pair if they needed them.
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    Almost convinced the East El Paso BB to sell me one last night, but had to wait 'til this morning. Got it at around 9 AM, then gave a tutorial to the computer salespeople present. Theyre going to set up a printer next to it to show off the print capabilities in the photo app!
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    I got mine at Best Buy after work and it's really neat! It needs to be improved but I like it! The small keyboard is perfect for me.
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    It's a beast, except for the tuning. Go HP!
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    got mine and absolutely LOVE it. So much better than my ipad1...I know I know, my ****** is showing
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew.rosenfelder View Post
    Almost convinced the East El Paso BB to sell me one last night, but had to wait 'til this morning. Got it at around 9 AM, then gave a tutorial to the computer salespeople present. Theyre going to set up a printer next to it to show off the print capabilities in the photo app!
    Yeah i almost got my department manager at Frys to let me take home one last night but he wouldnt.. So i came in on my day off an hour after we opened and picked mine up wih the HP Case
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    Mine was delivered this morning at 10AM!
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    UPS lost my touchpad. I'm sooooo ticked off!!! The truck came by with the case, but didn't have the touchpad which was shipped separately.
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    Was the only one at BB in The Bronx NY first touchpad sold was me, the guy told me no one pre-order. Got to BB at 10 am, no display, I ask the manager how you planning to sell this tables with out a demo on the floor? he told me HP havent send any thing for us to display a demo... Btw I'm using this baby right now so far its gr8!!!!!!!!
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    Picked it up after work at Best Buy today. About to start it up!
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    Posting this from my 32GB Touchpad. Laid up this weekend thanks to surgery, wife was kind enough to pick this up for me from Best Buy in Los Feliz, CA. No problems ordering online with store pickup.
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    Stopped at best buy on lunch. The sales rep made me explain why I would choose the touchpad over the ipad. He asked, so I made him listen to the whole lecture.

    so far, so good...couldn't complete my order on, though.
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