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    In my one hour of play time with the TP at walmart, the fingerprints on the front combined with the very high-glare screen under the lights cause a real problem in the use and enjoyment of it. Back was totally covered and looked horrible but that wouldnt bother me much.

    Hopefully a screen protector can solve both issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBigE View Post
    Anyone else think this is something that is a deal killer for the TouchPad? I mean, I would expect a company like HP to have time to mobilize their resources to address these types of issues. I would expect Palm to not have the resources to manage the fingerprint issue, but HP!?!

    I'm going to have to wait for a model that won't get so fingerprinty, I guess. If I don't hear word that a fingerprint resistant model is in development, I'm doing to have to switch to an Android-based tablet.
    Are you joking? You are going to make this type of decision about which device you are going to buy based on whether or not you can see fingerprints? Wow..... it just seems to me that there are more important considerations.
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    Fingureprints is NOT a deal breaker for me.

    Honestly it is EASY to wipe off and when you get a case all will be well.
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    If you cant stand a "Touch"pad with fingerprints, how can you stand to use anything in this world that has a shiny surface?

    "Sounds more like OCD".

    Just messing around. Get a case, that will resolve your rear fingerprint issue... As for the screen, I am at a loss, because no matter what you will end up touching the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBigE View Post
    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I guess I'm just particularly sensitive to the fingerprint issue. I hadn't really worried about it until every review and every comment here mentions the "fingerprint magnet" aspect of the TouchPad.

    I like my stuff to look nice, so I'll have to keep a cloth and some degreaser around if I decide to get a TouchPad. I may go with something that masks the usage marks better, though.
    The plastic back actually feels really smooth and nice in your hand. And when do you ever look on the back?
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    I know this is a few days old, but I didn't feel the need to start a new thread.

    I had some thoughts on the "fingerprint" thing.

    1. I've used it for several days and honestly, the fingerprint thing is not noticable. Maybe I wash my hands more than the average guy, but I haven't seen it as an issue.
    2. If you don't put it in a case you are going to damage it. Buy a case; fingerprint problem solved.
    3. Turn your TouchPad around. If you are so concerned about the TouchPad back having too many fingerprints, you are obviously holding it wrong. Point the screen toward you, not away from you.
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    man, people are so ready to throw out the words 'deal breaker' nowadays. I dont know anyone who wouldnt buy a case for the touchpad anyway. Once it will have its official case, it will never be removed. Problem solved.
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    Hey, I keep putting my hands all over my car and it's leaving finger prints. This is really a deal breaker for me. Why didn't they make my car out of aluminum? Does anyone have any ideas? Don't say wash your hands, I'm afraid of water. I'm going to return this car if I cannot continue to rub my grease hands all over it. Why can't it wash itself?

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    HP loves glossy!!!! and considering Touchpad is an HP device and not a Palm device, I'm not surprised at all they went with a glossy back.

    Their glossy photo paper team must have designed the back.
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    I wouldnt be looking at the back all day. If people do then they are using it wrong. Besides, if Im going to spend $500 or $600 on a device, I'm for sure going to be buying a case to protect it. So it really doesnt matter.
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