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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Thats true, however, his question is really why should a reader believe the 30min hands on reviews here, instead of professional reviewers who handled it for week or so.

    Its a choice between the two. Nobody is saying individuals should not believe their own experiences.

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    Professional reviewer?'on. I'm sure most of the people on this forum would be qualified to review a Touchpad or any other tablet. I'm not saying they will provide the best perspective or highlight exactly what most normal consumers want to know but it's not exactly rocket science either.

    People need to learn how to interpret the content and the context of a review instead of looking at the final score and deciding whether they want to buy something or not based off of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clayclay350 View Post
    Professional reviewer?'on. I'm sure most of the people on this forum would be qualified to review a Touchpad or any other tablet.
    In addition, professional reviewers have prejudice about anything but Apple. Similarly at precentral we have liking towards Touchpad. The truth is somewhere in between. My biggest beef with professional reviewers is they ignored the webOS features that makes the TP a joy to use. How about comparing the multitasking feature of TP with iPad and give some points there. Its not about physical specs of the device (metal case, weight and thinness) its the experience that these folks missed to highlight. I know it will not fix the lag on few apps, but credit should be given where it is due.
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    WebOS, TouchPad, Pre3 & Enterprise Users.

    Hi all,

    I got to think about the TouchPad and enterprise users.....we all have been stressing the fact that HP has clients and customers that other smartphone/tablet companies doesn't due to it's enterprise clients.

    Before so many people professional reviewers and the public at large bury the TouchPad & webOS with it...did any of them look into or think about that despite any short comings that enterprise users want a smartphone that can blend seamlessly with a tablet...

    So many people are concentrating on the grain of sand that you ignored the bigger picture.....they also haven't taken into account that HP may have been showing the TouchPad & the Pre 3 to enterprise users and have already made or will have made customized apps that are geared to these specific enterprise users....

    One other thing....I don't think that many enterprises users are going to care if there is a Netflix app, after all it's just another way for large corporations to lose productivity hours to people using Netflix instead of working, (they claim tech in some ways hasn't save as much money for large corporations as first thought, since many labor-hours are lost to the Internet etc)...

    take care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    Because only I can decide what matters to me and what doesn't. For example, 1.6 pounds may sound like a lot to some people and very little to others. I need to handle the device and decide for myself if it is too heavy or just right. Reviews can help me to zero in on problem areas. But since I'm the one spending the money, my opinion is the only one that matters in the end.
    Absolutely, individuals opinions are going to be the most important of any factor.

    However, the OP was giving his opinion as if we should be listening to his opinion more than the tech reviews. In both cases that isn't an instance of an individual deciding through their own experience with it whether or not its the tablet for them. Its someone basically saying "Other peoples experiences is wrong, here's mine that's different and actually correct" and expecting that we should take his as somehow more truthful then theirs.

    I agree with you, ultimately it comes down to individuals using it and seeing if the issues are problems to them. However, resources such as reviewers who have the benefit of having the unit for a significant amount of time can help play into it and its reasonable to allow them to play into it for some people.
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