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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post
    I caught a screenshot of his facebook message from Alan:

    It's possible that the marketing company has a sense of humor because of this:

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    it's a good ad, despite how people might feel about russel brand.

    they really need to put it on TV instead of just having it hang out on HP's website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    it's a good ad, despite how people might feel about russel brand.

    they really need to put it on TV instead of just having it hang out on HP's website.
    I bet you it's in the cinema during the commercials before the flicks start.
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    It's a start, but not sure Russell Brand is the right choice. Minimal functionality shown, the teeth part is stupid.

    Here's one they are up against... one that shows functionality

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    Much better than the early Pre ad's. While I liked the style of the Pacquiao commercials better, this is still a breath of fresh air from Creepy Girl. Looking forward to the advertising blitz.
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    We just need commercials. They an be a vast variety and I don't care. I am not a big fan of the newer iPad commercials because they feels like I am watching a commercial for a church...and it feels heart felt, and tender...and awkward. I just want commercials. Lots and lots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post
    Meh. The best writing they could come up with was to make fun of british teeth? What is this, 1988?
    It's called stereotype. The same reason every German is fat, likes Schweinshachse with Sauerkraut and drinks five litres of beer every day.
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    Go to this page from HP. There is a NEW nearly 5min video sampler of a whole series of Russel Brand commercials. Select the video called "Russel Brand on the HP Touchpad Features.
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    lol, good stuff.
    I see pandas.
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    Here is a link to a whole series of them....

    Russell Brand becomes face of HP TouchPad - Gaming News - Digital Spy
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    Here's CNN Money's take on these ads. They don't like the ads.

    Also, is Richard Kerris's middle name Ray, or is that is nickname or something? I'm asking since they referred to him as Ray, and most Richard's I know shorten it as Rich or Rick.

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    .bummer, the video doesn't display on my touchpad through this link. I get audio but no video.

    Quote Originally Posted by JayhawkOne View Post
    As you all probably say on the home page, we have the Russel Brand ad out now!

    HP webOS, Touchpad, Veer, Pre3

    Like it, hate it? Will it make up for the 'meh' reviews?
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    They've updated the website...great this gets better every day...well kinda.. more like every 3 days.
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