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    Ordered it first day (June 19), and paid for overnight. So they decided to "make things right" and deliver it in time for the 3 day holiday weekend.
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    Man this is frustrating...ordered mine on the 19th and have not gotten an e-mail on shipping. rarararararr
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    32 or 16 gb?
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    32g version
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    Seems like the first is, indeed, going to be the day most people will get their TouchPad delivered congratulations, guys. The next few days should be interesting.
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    I also ordered mine from Amazon and just received word it shipped for delivery tomorrow via UPS.
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    I just got my email, I am stoked.
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    Add one more Amazon happy WebOS fanatic.

    I got notice the TP has shipped and will track it progress. Promised deliver date has improved by one. Hope it continues to improve.
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    I'm just happy that it appears that the accessories that I ordered with my TouchPad are going to come in at about the same time as the tablet, not 2 weeks later like was originally estimated.

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