The sum of the Touchpad reviews seem to say it's OK, it has potential, but it's not as good as an iPad. It seems that the biggest potential obstacles to sales will be the perception that it not a good value.

People are willing to trade features for value, especially if they will rarely or ever use them. (video out? my son has on his Android phone, paid for the cable and used it... once). But they will fiercely resist paying for an item perceived to lack commensurate value.

(Not the cost - a person can either afford something or not and if that is an issue you are probably not buying ANY tablet Apple, Android or HP)

Value is a trickier proposition to determine, based on the following:
1) What can this device do which I can't do anywhere else?
2) What can this device do to replace other devices I currently have to pay for or carry (e.g laptop vs. tablet vs. smartphone vs. music player, etc)
3) How does what this device do compare to other similar devices at the same cost.

This is where the problem is. It will never do things exactly as an iPad or Android tab will, but it doesn't need to. The iPad or Android tablets will always be better suited for some uses or preferred by some people. The apps will come, but you have to build the market share first.

Easy fix to this is to:

1) Add the touchstone charger and keyboard to the base package for free.
2) Get the document editing features fixed asap and bundle those in too.
3) Promote the 'heck' out of the TP as an out-of-the-box business solution.

The TP on a touchstone charging stand with an external keyboard shown editing a word document or spreadsheet would be a compelling picture. Saturate the airwaves with that image coupled with a lot of 'finger' ads. (ads making the TP gestures and cards look easy and 'fun' could have potential customers going into stores trying to 'do that' with the Xoom or the iPad.

Then show that you get all of this with your purchase. Set it up on in-store displays that way. In fact, make sure it is never seen in advertising unless it is on the touchstone and with a keyboard in front of it.

Of course you need to keep improving your base product, but so does everyone else. But so far, they don't seem to be selling their strengths.