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    in theory it can..... i mean they want the reciept and proof of purchase. so if those things say 32 gig, and they are careless and dont create some sort of list stating the free upgrades... i guess it can happen. and would be awesome to the few who get it -=)
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    Sounds fake to me, but who knows for sure!
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    Someone should try to order a 16GB then.
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    I got my 32gb for 499. Its true! I got a phone call from my rep today telling me about it
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    I dont know why hp is doing this, how do they respond to those who already ordered 32g models.

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    If this is true, then today is the only day to order for July 1st shipping.
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    its for any purchase of the 16gb before today
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    just from HP? what if i ordered from best buy
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    its for any purchase of the 16gb before today
    And you know this???? Because it's still today is still before the first of July.
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    no dice have to be from HP. Thats what my rep told me.
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    if this is true, i have a feeling that this is only for some people that ordered directly from hp.
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    One or two others confirmed they got the e-mail & upgrade in the thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike5 View Post
    This was just posted at WebOSroundup:

    HP TouchPad 16GB Delayed? Hello Free 32GB Upgrade! [Rumor] | News, Rumors |webOSroundup

    Don't know the validity but was wondering of some here had received the same e-mail.
    One person on this forum has already purchased one from Best Buy, and stated that store at several of the 16gb version in stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zerohaste View Post
    Ok, fine.

    Doesn't change the fact that it's still $100 off the 32GB version and screws over those who were getting the 32GB version anyway.
    It screws over nobody. Seriously, folks are such whiners. Guy down the street from me won the lottery. I didn't. I'm not "screwed over".

    If they took your money, then didn't give you what you paid for, then they screwed you over.
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    Kinda a hit for those that preordered the 32gb one so lets solve all this and have a 100.00 rebate rather than the current 50. Problem solved
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    I did not receive an email about the upgrade . . . I rec'd a vmail. Still no sure when it will arrive . . . I keep hitting send/receive on gmail. Hours away from launch ~
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