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    some lead, some follow . . . I have a Day1 Pre- and now a Day1 tPad. Who cares what others have . . I got minz ---- EVERYBODY ON !
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    I'm not putting the buy off till the update. Just until the homebrew community gets ahold and I actually can buy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulairi View Post
    I don't mind the plastic back, I just wish it was rubberized like the Pre 2.
    I agree ...
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    According to Topolsky's podcast, the update will come 1 month after launch.
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    Nope, not I said the happy guy. :-) Got mine yesterday and couldn't be happier. Great build (makes iP2 seem fragile by comparison), super fast, synced all my goodies in 1/4 the time. The VK bests Apples in usability for me.

    Why wait? Enjoy it now and like a fine wine, it will get better with time (and an update or two. ;-)
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