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    I need some help so Precentral users I look to you.....

    I will go to the U.S on business in late August/early september and plan to buy a touchpad....I was wondering about how to create a profile...I really dont want the problems that I had to go through with my Pixi plus.

    Without a U.S credit card and being an Aussie but living in Japan.
    If I use my current Palm profile, then it would be region based in Australia (I first activated my Palm Pixi Plus in OZ). Is that right ? If so, Is Australia going to have paid apps ????

    I did hear that HP may allow you to use Paypal. Can anyone confirm if thats possible ?

    Any advice would be welcomed
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    The touchpad won't have region locks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    The touchpad won't have region locks.
    Can anyone confirm that ??? How can i pay for paid apps ?
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    As far as I know...

    You can freely set the device region as you want, and you will get the appropriate app catalog for this country. Doesn't matter where you are located physically.

    For paid apps you still need a credit card from the country where you currently set your app catalog to. That means, setting the app catalog to US, you will need a US credit card. Setting it to France, you will need a french credit card. ...
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    So does the Australian app catalog now have paid apps on the touchpad?
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    I would assume there are no region locks therefore yes it should have a paid app catalog for the TP but not the same catalog as on your phone .
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    I hope so, because I am now itching to buy one off eBay. Or maybe it would be better to leave it for the official Australia release :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyron431 View Post
    I hope so, because I am now itching to buy one off eBay. Or maybe it would be better to leave it for the official Australia release :/
    Im an Aussie living in japan who has an Aussie credit card and Japanese one - but Palm is nowhere to be seen here !!

    As I said earlier, I had a lot of trouble trying to activate my Pixi plus....

    Is there an offical announcement about the app catalogue ?

    If I can get real proof then Ill buy 1 when I go to the US
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    Yeah, I had the same problems as you with my pre 2, but hoped that the that issue would have been fixed with the touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyron431 View Post
    Yeah, I had the same problems as you with my pre 2, but hoped that the that issue would have been fixed with the touchpad.
    Yeah - I hope so !!! I also want a veer......but Im going to say it again

    HP please let us use Paypal - its easy
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    A bunch of us have posted different threads about this...

    So Can anybody who has a touchpad in their hands right now confirm if its geo restriction free ?

    Please !!!
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    How do I tell if my TP has a region lock? I'd love to help answer the question.

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    So App catalog for TouchPad still region lock? or unlocked so anywhere we live on earth can activate freely and can buy with any international credit card visa/master?
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    If you go into regional settings you can choose language-english, phone numbers-Australia(+61) or other (no Japan), and choose Formats which is the country so - Australia. Sorry I would have to apply the changes and reboot to see what happens and I am a bit fearful of that.
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    I'm getting all confused now..
    If I would buy myself a new TouchPad while visiting the US, and set up a profile there right away, which settings do I have to choose? I assume I would have to choose the Euro settings from start, otherwise it wouldn't accept my Dutch credit card?
    Or, in the case that I activate in the US, choose the US settings, then coming back to the Netherlands, can I change these settings back to Euro zone, without loosing the complete (paid) app catalog access and accepting my Dutch credit card when buying apps?
    Another option would be just to buy in the US and wait with activating till I'm back in the Netherlands?
    Please advise..Thanks
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    Okay, so we aren't really getting anywhere with this thread, but from what i can gather, the credit cards accepted are those belonging to the country you have selected, so did anyone see 'Australia' during activation? If not, then I might as well wait for the official Australian release.
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    Veyron431, that's actually still unclear. Priot to webOS 3 some other country credit cards were accepted when activated in official countries (like Dutch CCs when activated anywhere in an official country). The question now for webOS 3 is, has the supported credit cards been limited only to the country you select (which will only be official supported countries now) or does it still accept credit cards from (European) countries which are not yet supported by HP when setting your region to one of the supported European countries. E.g. Dutch credit card when TP set to UK or DE.

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