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    Does the TouchPad have Gorilla Glass or not?

    Crunchgear's review outright states it does not. But I remember seeing HP reps in video demonstrations say it does.

    Ultimately I just want to know if it's scratchable and if I need a screen protector.
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    Hp's tp page didn't say it. I would treat it as negative. Go get a protector.

    I put protector on my gorilla glass tab anyway. Its for extra safety.

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    Furthermore, I thought it was oleophobic? Some reviews say it's not. Is that true?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Furthermore, I thought it was oleophobic? Some reviews say it's not. Is that true?
    Where did you read its oleophobic? With everybody stating its attracting so many finger prints, i can't imagine its oleophobic.

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    It was in one of the earlier demos I heard oleophobic, I think from Feb 9.
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    The Touchpad DOES has a gorilla glass screen. See Derek's review or the This IS My Next review.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dajlol77 View Post
    The Touchpad DOES has a gorilla glass screen. See Derek's review or the This IS My Next review.
    That's what I thought.

    I also assume that Gorilla Glass is a trademarked word that has to be paid for to use in advertising, but it's likely easy to get identical glass otherwise.
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    The front of the TouchPad is dominated by the 9.7-inch touchscreen. It’s an 18-bit 1024x768 LED-backlit IPS display, faced with a capacitive touch layer under a full-front chemically-hardened Gorilla Glass screen. As one would expect from an IPS display, it has tremendous viewing angles and excellent color reproduction. The screen was perfectly viewable in direct sunlight with the brightness set at around 1/3, and the touch panel was exceedingly responsive.
    From Derek's review on the front page of PC.
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    so is this confirmed?
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    Sounds like a yes, but maybe we need to confirm the confirmation?
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    Precisely. I would love to keep my screen naked, but if its not chemically hardened then I will consider otherwise. Even is there was a glass screen that was bulletproof without even a scratch, you can bet someone will make a screen cover for it.
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    Our local HP rep stated it uses Gorilla Glass at the pre-launch training in June.
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    Yeah and my HP rep said that it had facebook messaging during training, and yet it doesnt. Does anyone know where HP actually says in any of their own literature that the glass is chemically hardened?
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    I would tend to believe Derek Kessler's review. It would be a pretty bold-faced lie to publicly state it had G-glass if it didn't, especially in his position. Unless he was sadly misinformed, but one would think he's informed.
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    To clarify, i would like to state that i believe Dereks review and I think Derek is the man. I would just like to make sure he got the rignt information also instead of someone just told him also.
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    Gotcha. Probably wouldn't hurt to have the extra protection though. Do you have the case for it or know if the case comes with one? I'm picking mine up tomorrow and really haven't looked that far ahead yet.
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    I have a case for it. I only take it out of the case when i am at home with it and can put it down on soft surfaces. The HP case is $50.
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    So no protector included with the case then? I gotta feeling if that's the case, no pun intended, I'll be looking for anyways. I drive transport & plan on using it for music a lot...well one of the uses anyway. Don't want to take any chances with it either.
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    Right. No screen protector included with the case. You will love the way the TouchPad feels without any protection, no pun intended.

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