I was one of those who ran around to find himself a palm pre on day 1. I used it, and I loved it. I didn't notice any slowdown, nor did I notice any "too many cards" error. In fact, I loved WebOS SO much, that I turned a blind eye.

I didn't care if iOS had smoother scrolling. I didn't even know what that meant! Then my Palm Pre got hit by Ocean water, and I had to jump ship to the EVO 4G. After using it for a few days, I compared it to my friend's iPhone 3GS, since they kept tooting the EVO 4G was the second coming of christ. That's when I noticed the lag of Android, and my old Palm Pre. But I didn't care. The Palm Pre was still my favorite OS to use. I was willing to deal with the choppy animations, in favor of a superior OS with limited Apps.

Now a couple years later, I hear about this TouchPad. Reviews came out and it seems to be even more negative than the original Palm Pre release. I remember everyone mentioned that the Pre had "potential" to be great, with the support of homebrew, and the consistent updates to the OS. But alas, here we are again. Now it's the touchpad's turn, where everyone wants something to like about it. But they are where they were 2 years ago: evolutionary OS, that just wasn't quite ready to fully realize it's potential.

In fact, the touchpad may never reach it's potential. Look where it got palm when they gambled heavily on the Pre and WebOS. If anything, it actually lost Palm loyal customers. When reviews talk about the "lag" of the Touchpad, HP responded with an update. It almost seems like they should've postponed the Touchpad until it can beat what's other there in EVERY category, and not just one or two. This is what should've been released months ago! It just feels like they haven't really worked on a lot since it's introduction in February. If iPad 2 can blow through iOS like it was a knife cutting butter, there's no reason why the TouchPad cannot do what the iPad does. It should do more!

well Anyways... I just don't think potential is enough to drive this platform to succeed. HP is the financial giant, let's hope they keep up...