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    Ummm...pssst... Not quite true. There are several solutions to run video out through a micro-usb connection. The connection itself can support the function (contrary to your post)... But the chipset and firmware have to be compatible. So yes, there is actually support for that A/V out through that connection type.

    I'm mobile, but just do a Google search for "micro usb video out". An example of an adaptor working for this: Incredible TV out video demo
    But you are also talking about relying on multiple fronts to "jerry-rig" the system --- which makes netflix harder to code for the touchpad.

    Much easier for HP to entice netflix to port to the touchpad if there is no video out, period.
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    Regarding Netflix and HTML5 for video delivery(with DRM), see The Netflix Tech Blog: HTML5 and Video Streaming. Although there is much public discussion of video over HTML5, many essential aspects required by Netflix are still on the drawing board.
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