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    I walk the fine line between being an Anything But Apple (ABA) guy and a true fan of WebOS. I use and love(?) my Sprint Pre- overclocked and over-patched with WebOS 2.1 but I have to say that after playing with a TouchPad today at BestBuy and reading at least 10 reviews that my heart is a little broken...

    Like waiting for freshly baked cookies after the aroma has filled the house, an eternity of anticipation has now turned into "HP, bake it for just a little longer so that its perfect". I hope and pray that HP will, at the press of a button, open the App floodgates or has a WebOS 3.XX update ready for download by Friday's launch.

    HP, you have a shot at #1 (yeah right) if your agreeably "chubby" hardware has PERFECT software. Here's my list of what needs to be fixed for FRIDAY (Monday the latest, ha) if you're to have any chance in hell.

    1) LAG - I've seen it first hand and am hoping its just the demo app hogging resources but if its not, GPU-accelerate the whole damn OS already!
    2) NO TASKS - you can't be serious, its a part of Exchange ActiveSync!
    3) NO CALCULATOR - ur Hewlett FEKKING Packard!
    4) Bluetooth pairing problems - paired my Pre- and had to reconnect a few times within the span of 20 minutes
    5) Music store - Where's amazon at least? I know the cloud cometh but how do you expect people to get music in the meantime. Your PC/Mac sync app isnt even ready!?
    6) Edit Office Docs - HUGE and has been an overall world of hurt for us WebOS users, make it right
    7) APPS! APPS! APPS!

    Sadly, WebOS 3.0 looks more like 2.3. It looks like the only thing HP brought to the table so far was Beats "Monster Cable" Audio as there is nothing that screams the might of a Hewlett Packard size company in this iteration!
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    You can install my app for a HP-style calculator fix :P
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD

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