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    I had to be in Palo Alto and SF today and I decided to see how the Best Buy stores were doing in those locations.

    The Bad News(Palo Alto Best Buy):
    I walked in and couldn't find any HP stand. I walked around and around and finally grabbed a employee to help me. I couldn't believe I missed it but when your walking around with your head on a swivel it is too small and low to be seen. But I was even more upset that on HP's own turf Apple was stealing the show (see the pics). Honestly how could HP let this happen in it's own backyard in Silicon Valley, near the birth of the computer???

    The Good News(San Francisco Best Buy):
    Has nothing. But don't get upset, I talked with the manager and they have something big planned and it will be up in a couple weeks. To quote the manager only the Santa Rosa store in CA could be bigger. This is why I'm so upset that HP didn't plan something more impressive for the Palo Alto store.

    Did the Palo Alto store care or know much about the TP, no. SF was a different story and the guy there smiled when talking about the TP and the plans for HP's space, so stay tuned Bay Area people.
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    Which Best Buy in San Francisco? I pre-ordered at Geary and they have the display area but no TouchPad. The guy today said they would be getting it in in 2 weeks or so. I'm hoping he was just ill-informed.
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    SF Best Buy:
    1717 Harrison Street
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    Thanks for the report. It sounds like Palm bought themselves some time by generally not having a major retail push until mid-July and they need the time as the software is not yet optimized. I'm hoping 2 weeks will be enough to push out some major fixes but it may not be, we'll have to see.

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