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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    ...But the ridiculous over compensating of its flaws and irrational defenses, and frankly the pure historical ignorance and blind faith regarding issues that almost directly mimic the Pre launch baffle me.
    If you're baffled by the repetitiveness, why do you keep returning? I'd have to say, constantly returning to a forum that's a support site for a product that you have no interest in, to read post that "you've heard before" - that's what seems "irrational".
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    Sorry folks... but this thread has gotten out of hand and we've had to clean up posts too many times. For some reason some members think that posting rants over and over is all part of this site. It isn't. Post are to add value to conversations - not simply post tirades to draw members into arguments.

    Once again... please read:

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