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V3.co.uk asks HP what's so good about the TouchPad

HP tells V3.co.uk how the TouchPad's true multitasking set it apart from the iPad and Android Honeycomb devices.


Video: HP gives three advantages of the TouchPad

Video: HP gives three advantages of the TouchPad - videos for UK IT professionals - V3.co.uk

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We asked HP's vice president of accounts for the UK, Steve Murphy, what the firm considers the three main benefits of the TouchPad tablet over its competitors.

First on the list was Flash support. Perhaps not a huge boon for business users but certainly worth mentioning in a wider context as Apple's iPad has famously never run the software.

Secondly, the company said the TouchPad's 'true' multi-tasking is a major benefit as it allows apps to run in the background, whereas on Android and iOS apps are usually suspended when you switch tasks.

Thirdly, HP highlighted the search function, which is universal across the device including all apps and emails.

If you're interested in the HP TouchPad then take a look at our more in-depth hands-on video.