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    When you add an appointment in your TP calendar it won't show it. After a restart it will. That's the same thing when you add an appointment on the Pre(2), it won't show up in the TP calendar till you restart the TP.

    Another issue is, when I fire up the calendar app it won't show the current day but got stuck on the day before and I have to manually tap the day view button to go to today
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    I think the TP loads up with the day/view that you had previously been looking at, rather than always opening the previous day.

    I've noticed a bug in my calendar that if change the "default calendar" in preferences it still continues to show it as "birthday calendar", if I go to change it again though, there is a check next to the calendar that I actually wish to be default. Just appears to be a screwy pulldown menu
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    I found a workaround to the initial sync being limited to three months. After setting up my google account on the touchpad, I resynced my entire google calendar on anothre phone. This deleted all the entries in my google calendar and re-entered them. After that my touchpad gradually downloaded all the updated entries, leaving my eventually with a calendar with all my past and future appointments. For a few hours it was showing duplicates on some items, but these disappeared after a while without me doing anything.

    So... if you can find a way to delete and reinstate all your google calendar appointments (is there an option to export them, delete all, then import again?) that might work for you. (This should only have to be done once. After that, everything should stay in sync.)
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    I heavily rely on google calendar. Fortunately I haven't run into any issues
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    I'll be damned. Sure enough, a restart syncs the Google Calendar entry. Not a good thing if you often update your Google Calendar from your TP.

    But... once I do that restart, each calendar entry I put in syncs over on the next sync. So maybe a restart is just needed every so often to put things back into sync. Regardless, now that I know about the restart, this Google Calendar syncing is working.
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    Okay, I have two Touchpads here (on separate profiles, one is being used by my partner).

    On one, it looks like all appointments and calendar events up through 2012 are showing on the TP.

    On my TP, it seems only to see the next 2 months. Will it continue to pull in items from two months ahead as the days pass? Will it eventually fill in everything? Can I force a re-sync to see it all?

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    Was one set up as an Exchange account using Google and the other as just a regular Google account? Setting up the account as Exchange works better and gets around most of the sync issues.
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    Hmm, no they were both set up the same way - as a regular Google account. I actually didn't even know you could set up a Google account as an Exchange account.

    Does using it as an Exchange account effect any other the other apps in any way (better or worse)?
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    sure can. A quick search will give the settings. You will have to remove the old account and create a new one. Works better.
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    You know looking more closely, I do have some appointments that show up later than two months. I just entered one in iCal on my Mac for Dec 30th and it did pop up on the TP. It's the subscribed calendars on Google that aren't showing up after two months (Contacts' birthdays and US Holidays).
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    There is a patch for this behavior
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    Is this problem fixed yet? I can't see my appointments beyond 2 months.

    Is there a patch for this?

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    Tried using exchange way instead of the google account way. For me, it still didn't sync back more than two months. Not only that, I could only access the default google calendar, not any other calendars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cool bean View Post
    Is this problem fixed yet? I can't see my appointments beyond 2 months.

    Is there a patch for this?

    Mine only showed 2 months worth when I first synced but 24-48 hours later and it began showing everything. If you've just done your first sync, give it a day or two and see what happens. I'm betting it will slowly sync ahead as mine did.
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    My girlfriend is having the same problem with her TP. Oddly enough it's been changing from day to day. Yesterday the November calendar wouldn't show up, but today just one of the calendars disappeared completely.

    Going into google calendar and re-saving the events seems to help, but shouldn't be necessary. We've even tried removing the google account completely and attempting to resync, but nothing has been effective or easy as of yet. :/
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    As I know, the google calender syncing problem is a problem caused by google and hits android phones too.
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    Bump: I noticed that my Pre2 and TP having problems syncing the Google Calendar...still. ***
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juize View Post
    Bump: I noticed that my Pre2 and TP having problems syncing the Google Calendar...still. ***
    Google Calendar still does NOT work right on the Touchpads.

    If I update an item using my Touchpad, it sometimes doesn't
    get updated to my other devices(smartphone and PC).

    On my Android smartphone, if I update an item, I can instantly
    see it updated on my PC or other smartphone.
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    I had sync problems right after i activated and added my GCal accounts in the beginning. After i reported them to the Bug Fixes thread and verified that others had reported the issues as well, I tried to remove the account and re-add it and haven't had an issue sans my wifi connection periodically since. For the people still seeing problems, I saw last night that the UberCalendar Patch has some fixes in it for syncing issues. Give that a try and report back and let us know if it helps...
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    My touchpad is showing events on my calendar that existed but were deleted and no longer show up in the web interface. ***. Anybody else experience similar ? Any fix ?
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