View Poll Results: Are you still getting the TouchPad post-reviews?

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  • Still Excitedly Tracking the Delivery Man!

    115 42.59%
  • I'm still waiting on the 3G version, but yes.

    11 4.07%
  • Having second thoughts

    37 13.70%
  • I'll wait until I get some hands-on time.

    37 13.70%
  • Not this TouchPad.

    65 24.07%
  • I hate webOS. I'm just here to troll.

    5 1.85%
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    Answer and share your thoughts below.

    Personally, I'm waiting on the 3G version. But I still plan on buying it.
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    Yes. (As soon as I manage to save up enough cash)

    Mainly buying it for app/patch/theme development.
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    After every review says the same thing - kind of close, but not really - no way. Not even remotely interested in getting my hopes up to be holding the bag with another piece of hardware that has great potential but remains unfulfilled for years.

    Windows Phone 7 here I come. Adopting a big wait-and-see on all tablets for now, as I'm not buying any more Apple products.
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    I don't care about the reviews, mainly because each reviewer brings their own bias into the testing of a new unit.

    I played with a demo unit for 20 minutes and the smile I had never left my face. That is the only review I need.
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    do yourself a favour and try it before dismissing it.

    trust me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Yes. (As soon as I manage to save up enough cash)

    Mainly buying it for app/patch/theme development.
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    I may cancel my preorder, I need to read more reviews first. I can handle the OS being a little clunky and a dearth of apps, but you can't do much about bad hardware.

    As far as I'm concerned, the hardware has three strikes against it: No HDMI-out, no rear camera, and a profile thicker than the iPad, Xoom or Playbook. And those shortcomings can't be fixed with software. I was expecting something at least on par with the current tablets out there, and instead we got this.

    Watching the video review on Engadget and seeing the Office app just hang along with the slowness and chaos of that jet game brought back memories of the frustration with my original Pre. It was like spending time with an ex-girlfriend and remembering all the reasons you two broke up. The iPad "just works". The Android tablets and OS are clunky and non-intuitive, but they have a ton of apps and they pretty much do everything one could ask of them. WebOS is slick, and pretty, and super intuitive, but there's only so much it can do.

    To add insult to injury, I got that $50 rebate offer from HP after pre-ordering the 16GB model and the rebate is only good for the 32GB one? This is how you reward your early adopters, Rubenstein?

    I do love the underdog and I like the idea of being an evangelist for a great technology, but I don't know if I can drink the Kool-Aid anymore. I need to sleep on it.
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    Probably not.

    OS still rough around the edges (engadget mentioned the hesitant lag as well), and lack of apps.

    All of which reminds me of the current state of the WebOS phones. And then there are quad-core Android tablets coming out in the fall, and between that and iOS 5 for the iPad, I don't know where HP fits. Everyone else is beating them to HW and SW.

    If the OS and browser were rock solid and smoking fast, then I could put up with the lack of apps for awhile, but it just sounds like a redux of my overall Pre Plus experience (great OS, lots of potential, but...).
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    Can you add just a "Yes Ill get one when I can"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by remmy123 View Post
    Can you add just a "Yes Ill get one when I can"?
    I can't make changes to the poll. But the first option would suffice.
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    What about "I was never going to get a tablet...but, am a little concerned about the reviews"
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    Not at that price. $350 and I'd buy it now. $500-600 (depending on gb), no.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Now that the reviews of the TP have hit don't you think its time for the firing of Jon Ruby?

    A CEO has to have a clear cut vision on what he/she wants the business unit to go. This CEO has FAILED on this more than once!! I hope the TP will sell well but based on the reviews, videos, build and missing value I really don't think it will flourish as it should.

    The TP is probably one of the most heavy tablets on the market at this point and it stands at a premium price with less offerings on every front. No apps, No camera, No doc edits, no HDMI out, no audio out, no video out. The hardware is also bulky and plastically just like the failed Palm Pre. When comparing the multi line of tablets in the tablet section of stores this think will attract NO ONE.

    Many of you will come to the defense of the product and defend a company that has ALL resources to compete in this market but as I know HP the WILL NOT invest the proper budget in certain products in which clearly they didn't invest in the TP.

    For these mistakes and failure to understand the market you are trying to compete in I call for the FIRING of Ruby and ANY other senior manager that is involves in product development.

    Just think for a minute folks. The Pre minus was behind on specs in its market, the TP is behind on specs and performance as well, and the Pre 3 is a year behind on specs also. When I say specs I mean TOTAL hardware specs.

    It seems like to me that Palm and HP are competing with the Iphone 4 and the HTC Evo instead of have forsight and competing with the Iphone 5..Get my drift?

    This thing along with the Pre 3 is a epic FAIL.. It still takes 2 minutes to boot and Apps still take dang near 10 seconds to pull up.. Just look at the videos its redicoulous!!!
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    how about if the touchpad was a brick, would you still buy it.
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    I spent almost an hour with a demo unit. I still wanna get it at launch in spite of the shortcomings.
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    Heck yeah. I played with the unit in store & I liked it a lot. I love my pre- with 2.1 meta doctor although it lags at times.

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    Definitely not.

    I was going to do the buy it at bestbuy and return in 2 weeks if not satisfied route, but i'm not even going to bother wasting my time doing that. Not worth the trip. This is what they've spent all this time developing and it's still this half-baked?

    Sticking with my Tab 10.1.
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    No, I'm not buying the Touchpad. I didn't preorder, since I was waiting for reviews to come in.
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    Since I'm planning to get a tablet until december, I think I'm going for the Opal instead of the TouchPad, unless the competition brings a better tablet by that time.
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    These reviews didn't highlight anything we didn't already know about the touchpad. It doesn't have a rear camera. It only has 300 "for touchpad apps" at launch. It doesn't run netflix. Its slightly heavier than its closest competition. I knew most of these items to be fact for a while. So why would these facts change my mind now?

    Instead i'm basing my decision on my hands on experience. I went to best buy today and played with a touch pad and an ipad 2. the ipad "responded" faster when opening apps, but was really no quicker loading them.

    the ipad was lighter than the touchpad, but i didnt find the touchpad to be too heavy after playing with it for about 45min.

    the ipad is thinner than the touchpad, but the touchpad actually felt better to hold.

    The email experience on the touchpad is better than the experience on the ipad. both calender have strengths and weaknesses.

    the music app on the touchpad is as serviceable as the ipad one, but i cant speak for the syncing process. the precentral review is the only one i've seen so far that touched on this aspect of the device, and it leaves me a little worried.

    the photos app is awesome on the touchpad. not quite as awesome on the ipad.

    the messaging app on the touchpad uses synergy and will work with webOS phones. 'nuff said. the ipad doesn't

    The touchpad performed without a hiccup. except for when the demo app started doing whatever it is that it does. The ipad didnt have any hiccups.

    I found browsing the web to be pleasing on both devices, but flash pushes the touchpad over the edge for me. i go to a music website that uses flash and it worked flawlessly. it also played Hulu flawlessly (at least for now).

    Just type>iOS search

    at the end of the day my time with the touchpad didnt reveal anything new. It simply reaffirmed how much more i enjoy using WebOS features when compared to the competition.
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