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    or trying to, TP has reset 3 times and keeps locking up. The demo software is causing some of the problems I think. Going to post this before resets again then Give impressions
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    ok some random things

    very nice screen but a lot of glare an fingerprint magnet, comes with cloth

    feels well built but heavy.

    web pages loading VERY VERY SLOW. Admittedly using my evo wireless teather but have good signal and my netbook is never this slow.

    was not charged out of box, had to plug it in and got the good old battery symbol. Would not run until charged about 10 min. Then has another min with the pulsing HP logo.

    will need a new keyboard if want to use two thumbs. Keys to wide both
    h in landscape and portrait to use two thus.

    would not pair with my evo did not even recognize it. Choices are "audio devices" "webos phones" "keyboards' and "other" Tried other and web Os but did not even show my evo as an option.

    card view working good in portrait, acting up in landscape. Cant always swipe away cards in landscape but can "slingshot" them off by dragging down and letting go.

    no facebook app.

    more in a sec. I'll be here a bit. What do you want to know?
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    once web page loads, its very nice. Scrolls well and pinching very smooth.

    double tap working well also.

    no tabs but button to open up new card.

    tried again, cant find my evo.

    hard to locate some characters in keyboard. Example, cant find colon.
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    is there a 16Gb model, or even label on shelf for sale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    is there a 16Gb model, or even label on shelf for sale?
    all they have is 32g wi-Fi demo. Price card does not mention gigs $599
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    glyder and glow hockey beautiful

    paratrooper HD looks great but portrait only, would be better in landscape

    amazing music in sparkle HD game. Games loading fast.
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    Can you see Mojo apps in the catalog? How well do they look on the TP?
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    has a demo app. Says 50gb free for TP no mention of any experation
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    Can you see Mojo apps in the catalog? How well do they look on the TP?

    wont let me in the app cat. Says cannot find a valid webos account.
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    blast from the past. Has the old school Factbook and worldbook demo. Pretty much as they were on my 386...
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    demo vids look and sound great. Real stereo! Would
    be great if can get netflix on this thing!

    email as nice in person as on videos. The different panes work great.

    copying text is easy, looks like wont always paste depending in app your in.

    nice how contact info pops up in little box when tap on contact. can go straight to edit contact from popup box.

    maps takes you to bing. Took forever to load

    has quickoffice app but does not look like any way to create document. Nothing about editing mentioned. Help ****-on takes you to qo website' and the TP is not yet even listed
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    not noticing any problem tapping app buttons. Is a very slight delay from press to open but have never thought I missed it or needed to press a second time

    music on TP is incredible. Much better than the ipad imo. You do have to hold in landscape to get stereo effect
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    wearing out my welcome here methinks. Will follow up with more organized impressions later
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    Thanks for your impressions! I think with all the reviews out, there is just a lot to read right now. I am actually enjoying posts like yours.
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    OK, so here are my thoughts after playing with the touchpad for a little over an hour. So you know, I have played a lot with both ipads, the playbook and with every android tablet out there except the transform. Also, despite really liking my old pre and webos, I love my rooted android evo, and it's as close to the perfect phone for me that I have ever had.

    That said, with two BIG assumptions, I would put the Evo in second place, behind the ipad2 but in front of every android tablet I have played with and the playbook.

    The assumptions: that the touchpad will have a competitive app catalog (including document creation and editing eventually) and that the very very poor Internet performance was an anomaly.

    I was using my evo wireless teather in a big walmart, and so that may have been the problem. But, when I do get a tablet, I intend to often be using my phone as a teather when no wifi available. I have teathered a lot of devices with the Evo and have never had this bad of performance. IF this is how fast pages will load when using a phone for connection, this is a dealbreaker.

    Other things that concerned me was the fact it took 10 min before it would work plugged in for a dead battery and the number of times it locked up and reset (but i really do think that was in large part to the demo software that wanted to run)

    Much of the good-old "zen of palm" is present especially with the email app and the cards. The the calendar app looked very nice, but hope the is no three-month issue. Keyboard was nice for one finger typing but not for two thumbs. The music and videos were outstanding.
    In all it is much better than the android tablets so far. I love android on my evo but it's just not there yet for tablets.

    Why second to ipad2? Well size and weight matter to me. The TP weight difference really shows after holding it for a while. The ipad screen looks to me to be a bit sharper with webpage rendering and richer colors overall. The TP is not sluggish at all but the ipad2 is still quicker. I'm guessing the spec difference will show up at times.

    And of course there are the Apps. I know, I know, I said I was assuming hp will get them, but i need to be able to do more with documents (and google docs not good enough). Apple has issues here as well, but it's been around enough that it's issues have been addressed for the most part. Unfair to some extent, but it would effect a purchase decision if I made it today.

    On a side note, the walmart types knew nothing about the touchpad. Had no idea what it was or that they were even carrying them. They had never even seen the demo unit and were not sure who put it in the cabinet.

    The demo unit was in a cabinet under the empty display space. I had one of them open the cabinet and they let me play away. One associate told me they had two regular non-demo units in stock and was willing to sell me one. No telling if the computer would have accepted the sale.

    Despite being, in my mind, behind the ipad2, I may still decide to get one if my son decides to get a mi-if card at best buy since, with the $100 bb discount for the card plus the $50 "make things right " rebate that would bring the 32gig model to $449!

    Sent from my Evo - so there!
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    I'd love to know how you tether your Evo (also have one) to the TouchPad...

    Note: my Evo's not rooted -would that be a problem? I've used PDANet to tether my laptop to my Evo, but that app requires a helper app to be running on the laptop, which obviously isn't possible with the TouchPad.

    Any tips are appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    I'd love to know how you tether your Evo (also have one) to the TouchPad...

    Note: my Evo's not rooted -would that be a problem? I've used PDANet to tether my laptop to my Evo, but that app requires a helper app to be running on the laptop, which obviously isn't possible with the TouchPad.

    Any tips are appreciated!
    Yes I'm rooted. It was pretty easy using a program call unrevoked. After that added the wireless teather app. The downside is once you have rooted, you can't easily do ota updates, so no gingerbread for me yet. Once rooted you can also install custom roms with all sorts of options - but you don't have to if all you want is tether. There is a really goodlooking gingerbread rom with extra sense goodies I am waiting on

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    Nice to have a review comparing opinions after using multiple tablets. Thanks for the review.
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    midmofan, thanks! Can we take this to PM instead? I want to ask you some questions but don't want to take away from the thread's original topic.
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    Thoughts the morning after....

    It was a lot of fun playing with the TP at walmart, and I have sure thought about getting one using the $50 deal and the $100 discount I can get when I get the wireless card at Best Buy for my son. But after a night's reflection, I think I'm probably going to wait even if it costs me a bit more later.

    First, I don't NEED a tablet right now, I actually do intend to get one of some flavor before the legislative session opens back up in January, so the logical thing to do is wait until the Xmas buying season and see what deals are available then.

    As for the touchpad, after reading the PC review, I see that the freeze-ups I was having when playing were probably not related to the demo software but something on all the TPs.

    [Aside: Always blows my mind when any company releases a product and there has to be a software fix that was discovered that same day. (FWIW, happening with the EVO 3d apparantly). I know they do testing, but I don't think they test enough with real users. Sprint used to be real bad about this as they only had two types that tested it,super techie engineers that could reprogram the thing in their sleep and then executive VPs that had some assistant set it up for them.]

    Next is still the document editing thing for me again. To justify the purchase, I need to be able to use it in a pinch instead of a laptop to create and edit documents while on the go. Until the TP has that, its mostly a fun thing for me since my phone can handle the email, calander and angry birds.

    Lastly, I would want confirmation on some things such as battery life under real world conditions and how it works with a phones wi-fi teather. The fact that it took about 10 min to boot up before i could use it coming from a discharged battery worries me. There will be times the battery will just give out and not being able to use it for that long after you plug in is a problem.

    I agree if the TP had come out when it was just the I-Pad Mark 1 it would be a whole different story. As it is, I still think the TouchPad is better than the androids os-wise. Gingerbread just not good for tablets. Honeycomb a lot better, but still not as good as webOS IMO except for the problems noted above. The new Galaxy is better on size and weight though.

    However, Android still has the fact that there are a bunch of choices out there and a lot more to come, so HP has its work cut out for them to be #2 but I think it is doable.

    Wish I could suppport the troops by being an early adopter (and saving $50) but I think I will wait and see what the updates bring and what the black friday ads offer. Afraid the TouchPad "for me" will likely be the TP2 out "in comming months" of 2012....
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