Hi everyone!

So I decided to stop by my local Best Buy since I found out that they have been getting demo units in. I decided to demo You Tube and Skype.

You Tube:

There is no dedicated You Tube app/player on the TouchPad, instead it uses the browser and flash to stream content. At first I wasn't too happy with the idea because I never had a good experience with flash in a web browser on a mobile platform. Here is a link to a video of YouTube in the browser:

YouTube - TouchPad Demo at Best Buy streaming YouTube through web browser


So Skype is built in the TouchPad and is integrated with Synergy, this includes chat, voice, and video calls. Here are a few screenshots of my and my brother (who has an iPhone 4) on a video call. I was on Best Buy's wi-fi connection and my brother was on AT&T 3G, so quality isn't the best.

Here are the photos of the skype call: