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    It paired right up with my Pre 2. The best buy guy called my phone and the call came up on the touchpad. He also told me about how HP took him to a dinner event and went over the features of the touchpad with them, then they saw the new transformers movie. Glad to know at least one best buy store is informed and taken care of.
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    Anyway, my experience with the device was positive overall. It's webOS. On a tablet. Which is what I've been wanting for a long time now.

    The only thing that caught me off guard was that the slight extra weight over the iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab does make a difference. I was holding the thing for 40 minutes or so and my arm was getting a bit weary. But at the same time there was this big ol' thing on the back tethering it to the HP booth so maybe shedding that will shed some ounces too.

    Also, the upswipe gesture could be smoothed out a bit. Since there's no dedicated gesture area, I had to be a little more deliberate with my swipe than I can be on my Pre 2. And if the page I was viewing was scrollable, it would register my upswipe as an attempt at scrolling the page before minimizing the card. Hopefully they'll be able to make that work better in a coming update.
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    now the good question is why it weight more with less battery? I thought battery takes up most weight? exactly what is in Touchpad that makes it bigger, heavier, but not longer lasting?
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    I didn't feel it was worth breaking open the demo unit to find out. =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    I didn't feel it was worth breaking open the demo unit to find out. =P
    no worries, somebody will do it.
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    Holding nothing in your arms in that position would be weary in 40 mins. And boring.
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    Maybe he was holding it wrong...

    Sorry, couldn't help it..
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....
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