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    let's not generate page views for such nonsense.
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    Brutal, but perhaps not entirely incorrect?

    PS. Note his name, Bill Palmer
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    feel free to delete, I can't do it.
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    not even remotely correct. It is pure web-vomit.
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    It's a review of hp more than the touchpad. I don't see the touchpad being around too much longer. No way will hp have this be their competition against the ipad 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Behind Dell? I don't know Dell is a tablet powerhouse, is it now?
    Dell isn't a tablet powerhouse. The survey was based on brands consumers trust and would be willing to buy a tablet from. HP and Dell were neck in neck, with Apple about a dozen % points above the two, and most companies well behind HP and Dell, save Samsung and Sony. What the survey was basically saying is that if HP, Dell, and Motorola put out a tablet, most people would be more inclined to buy from Dell and HP, not Motorola. Hence, HP has the ability, by brand recognition, to sell tablets if they are good enough and at the right price. With the sales this weekend, they are clearly showing that as they are moving a lot of TouchPads this weekend.
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    Just noticed that this article was published in Beatweek Magazine.
    DOA: HP TouchPad dies webOS death before Apple’s lawyers can kill it : Beatweek Magazine

    Biggest pile of rubbish that I have read in a long time. The author closed the comments as well so no one can rebuttal. Anyone have any ideas how we should respond to this?
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    already been posted.
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    Sorry about that guess I'm slow! Seriously though I think we should organize some kind of response to that absolute joke of an article. Amazing how that guy is allowed to write for any publication with that amount of bias.
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    I think we shouldn't dignify it or generate more page views for that clown. IMHO.
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    Yea I guess you're right the last thing we should do is generate more publicity for him. Beatweek can't be that big of a publication it doesn't even have a wikipedia page lol so let's keep it that way.
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    Thanks for the heads up, but the guy is obviously an ***** and has no clue! Probably too busy trying to figure out how to check his email on the Playbook or access Netflix on his unsupported Android tablet. I guess he could also be drunk on Apple's Kool-Aid! Sorli...
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    Gee, thanks for that horrible link...
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    Tech journalism is pretty goofy these days.
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    Obviously the guy's an *****. Would Apple's lawyers even be able to kill it? They can't kill Android, and Google doesn't have nearly as deep a smartphone patent portfolio as Palm (and now HP) has.

    I'm personally sick and tired of online journalism have pageviews as a goal instead of, you know, actual journalism.
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    this has been posted twice today. All we are doing is generating page views for this hack job.
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    DOA: HP TouchPad dies webOS death before Apple’s lawyers can kill it : Beatweek Magazine

    anyone else see this? Don't bother trying to comment on the page. They've closed it.

    I guess its possible, but why the investment in Palm a year ago? Why the rebates and developer incentives? Why the 3.0.2 update? If it was meant to keep investors from getting bored, just release it and let it die out without further investment of time/money.
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    never heard of that website but that's got to be the most biased tech article I've ever read, closer to an op-ed really. I imagine its author performs Steve Jobs lap dances.
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    I never knew there was an HP iPod. Interesting.

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