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    Gave it a try. The register took the code, but gave me nothing off.
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    store opened: fail, went back bought again: success. Need manager approve.
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    I am still going to get mine off of Amazon because without tax is a huge saving point if the device is worth $500-$600.
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    went to my local best buy in idaho falls. The coupon does not work jn the system. You will need to get a manager to approve the discount, mine did :-P
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    The accessories weren't available at BB so I had to go to the Customer Service to order them. The scan codes for the two 10% off coupons weren't working so the clerk just gave me the discount manually - 10% off each of the 2 accessories I got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meir602 View Post
    I tried to use it, but customer service specialist explained that phone coupons don't always contain all exclusions. Sounded like he had seen these before.
    I tried a second BB today. After the customer specialist told me that no one in the store could overide it, I asked the salesperson if there was a manager. He said sure. bottom line: manager agreed coupon was misleading and he did the overide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Gave it a try. The register took the code, but gave me nothing off.
    Figured I'd give the update. I went back to the store. The clerk looked at the coupon, and said they should give me the $60 back. Went to get a manager, then came back and said the manager said there was nothing she could do. This was Monday. Today I called, and talked to the general manager about this, and another issue. He apologized, said to come in, and he'd see to it that the discount was honored.

    Funny thing was, the girl at the customer service counter said "Touchpad?" (Interestingly, she got the actual name right.) "We'll honor this since the manager said to, but the coupon says it does not include Apple products".

    I had to educate her.
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