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    I've read through numerous threads but haven't heard anyone mention a Notes application. Since I'll be getting a touchpad, I'd like to use it for my everyday needs, and taking notes will be one of those tasks...especially when in meetings.

    The key here will be to be able to keep various notes together, etc. Being new to WebOS, wondering what the notes application is like and if anyone has used it on the Touchpad to date?

    Thanks in Advance
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    There's a built in Memo application, but it's pretty poor. There are several notes applications for the Pre/Pixi, but we don't know yet their status on the TouchPad. I'm fairly certain we'll see something quickly though.
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    When I saw this thread, I thought you meant Lotus Notes. I was going to ask where you worked so I could come burn down your servers.

    However, since you just want a note-taking application, I can agree with you there. I think there are a couple of them in the app catalog, but nothing special comes to mind. I've made use of the Memo app or occasionally e-mail if it's something that I might want to share (and be able to find) later.
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    I would highly recommend Inglorious Apps' "Notes" for mojo/phones and upcoming "Notes+", I think it is to be called, per his twitter.

    It's much more feature rich than the native Memos app.
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    Evernote is wonderful.
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    Evernote will be my goto Note application. There is a mojo version already but if the TouchPad version is not ready at launch I will probably fall back on writing an email and saving to drafts folder on exchange server account. There may also be FliqNotes that has cloud syncing but I didn't care for it on android.

    If you don't know what Evernote is or if it's worth while, I recommend downloading and installing first on your Win/Mac/Linux machine, if you don't see any merit there then there probably is nothing to gain by having it on your mobile devices/phones/tablets. Remember Everything
    It's free for up to 60MB a month of data syncing, it surprisingly goes further than you would think, but your only uploading text or pictures not files. The free account allows for text and photo's while the paid ($5 for 1GB a month) allows attaching files to your notes. Think of it this way, you only upload the content of the word document not the document itself, the content is much smaller.
    Taking a photo on a Pre- or BlackBerry for a project and then uploading with notes attached to later look at on your desktop is too simple.
    I've been using the free account for almost 2 years now and never hit my monthly sync limit.
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    There is a note application on the Touchpad. I don't know how robust it is because i didn't play around with it too much. But reading your question, not sure we're talking about the same thing. The application i saw on the Touchpad was for quick one-two line note. In fact, the notes are graphically presented as regular sticky notes you find in all business offices.

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