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    I been contacting HP via chat and phone but still can't get an answer to this question. The closest answer I've gotten is "There are no apps to support this but there may be ones in the future if the hardware supports it".

    For those not familiar, the "On-the-go" usb 2.0 extension was created especially for mobile devices. It allows the device to "reverse" roles so it can become the host and talk to cameras, external storage, etc.

    Here is a scenario... Take a touchpad and a DSLR on location, leave the laptop at home. Without the Touchpad supporting "On-the-go", there is no way to make the pictures available to the TouchPad so you can't email or send the pictures to the "Cloud" without using another USB host device to make the transfer.

    Then again, I haven't seen any mini to micro USB cables to tether the two together so it looks like HP will need some sort of attachment like the iPad to make this happen anyway. Note that the iPad tablet does support this usage.
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    God I hope so. Also am hoping it can do hdmi out via that same mini usb port

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