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    I think the Touchpad brings a lot to the tablet world that isn't there already, and I'm excited to check it out in person. But, there are 2 features I think HP should really consider - both would be fairly easy to implement (I think, though I'm no developer), and I think they would really differentiate the Touchpad

    1) There needs to be a quick way to switch between cards. The quick switcher function on the Pre, by swiping the gesture area, is HUGE. One of the biggest benefits of WebOS is multitasking, and a key factor there is actually moving between the open apps. I love card view, and the entire card metaphor is great, but there needs to be a quick switch as well.

    For the touchpad, maybe a 3 finger swipe, or maybe some other quick gesture would work. Any other ideas out there?

    As it stands, an up swipe, then a swipe to the left or right, and then selecting the card you want, seems like too many steps to switch to a different card.

    2) Why hasn't anyone discussed (at least not that i've seen) wanting the ability to split the screen into viewing 2 cards? I know it wouldn't make sense on a phone, and it would probably not work well in portrait, but it would be great in landscape. I'm often writing an email and need to incorporate ideas/content from a website or another email. I often check out the calendar while sending an email. If the apps are already running, why not allow people to view both of them. This really could be a huge new feature.

    Any thoughts?
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    #2 has been discussed MANY times on the precentral forums. Use search.
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    I think HP might be reluctant to introduce these features now as Windows 8 has been shown to have these exact features. Unless Microsoft is alright about it or HP doesn't really care what MS think anymore (unlikely though as shipping Windows PCs will be their main source of income for the next few years at least).

    Then there's the conflict it could cause with having webOS and Windows on HP PCs, or maybe they'll work really well together with the aforementioned features being shared on both OS's for a consistent experience...
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    Here is a thread were we discussed the addition of the new dual app feature that could exist. It was hard to find even for me so I don't blame you. I had to go through all my past posts until I got to it. (like 8 pages )
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