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    "In part, DeWitt acknowledges, the new campaign reflects HP's realization that if the company's to become a player in the white-hot tablet market, it needs developers to whip up applications for its device, which will run on the operating system developed by Palm."

    As it rolls out TouchPad, HP steps up outreach to startups - Santa Cruz Sentinel
    Sadlly switched from Pre- to Sprint Nexus S 4G - An 32Gb Touchpad
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    Didn't know this.
    In another move to peel business away from Apple, DeWitt is making plans to roll out HP-branded retail stores in the U.S. Under his watch, HP has franchised more than 230 such outlets in Mexico, Brazil and other parts of Latin America -- a nod to the success Apple has found by selling its products in stylish, branded stores instead of big-box retail chains.

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