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    at store now and see mighty meeting app loaded on touchpad. Check it out at mighty Says store videos and presos in cloud and share them in a meeting
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    Interesting, another developer hoping on board! nice find!
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    MightyMeeting Lets You Conduct PowerPoint Presentations From Your Smartphone

    "But unlike a standard file sharing service, the link you send from MightyMeeting isnít just a link to the file ó itís actually a link to a presentation that you can control remotely. Clicking the link brings the attendee to a browser-based viewing window on their PC or mobile phone. Then, when you flip to the next slide on your phone, the change will be made on the screens of everyone else in the presentation. You can use a simultaneous voice call to communicate, or an integrated chat function. You can conduct the presentation from either 3G or a Wi-Fi network. And if you want your presentation to go viral for some reason, you can share it with Twitter and Facebook directly from your app."
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    very slick, wonder how well it works, this can be used with attendeas andpeople who couldn't make it to a meeting sounds like a great idea
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    This looks like a great app. Glad it will be on webOS.
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    Hi guys, I am the community manager for MightyMeeting. We appreciate the feedback! If you ever have any questions feel free to email me
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    Can we still get it from the app. Store?
    Joe Rice
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    Went to the HP App Store looking for this app and it was nowhere to be found. Has it been discontinued?
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    It was released. I have it but I have never used it.
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