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    Thats what i got as shippingdate after placing order and paying =(
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    Where did you pre order it at?

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    Me too! Ordered it at
    Status of the product is still 'production', so maybe it wil change after the 1st..?
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    Nice one I really hope there will be a bundle of Touchpad + Veer/Pre3

    My Pre- is dying (the typical ghost touch issue)
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    Me too and i placed the order last week. I wrote an email but haven't got an answer back. So it seems that we just need to wait.

    Does someone who ordered earlier got the same date?

    AND is HP using a different calendar system than we do? The 19th of July is not a few days later than the 1st and is definitely after mid of July for the canadian release, at least in my calendar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Where did you pre order it at?

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    I ordered it last Monday, and I have the 19-Jul-2011 as shipping date (first I had 03-Jan-2012 )
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    I ordered at June 20 on, my delivery Date is 08-Jul-2011 fot the 32GB TP.

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