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    I'm going to turn on Dev Mode and install Preware on it.
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    Hehee.... Had to say it since know one else did...sorry!

    Actually, I'll probably check my mail. I'm also interested in new apps for the widescreen interface. Items like:

    1. Facebook - that no one is talking can HP/Palm make such a FANTASTIC Facebook client for webOS and not enhance it for 3.1?

    2. Precentral App - looks promising and I heard comes as a native app

    3. Flash - Dual-core processor and 1gb RAM baby...what's not to love about Flash being an option!

    4. Everything from HP TouchPad specific - Photos, Music, Video, Calendar, Email, phone linking for calls and SMS...what's not to love!

    5. Watch a Movie - checkout the mpeg playback ability with the stuff HP preloaded and my own movies.

    6. Test all the new stuff that NO ONE is talking about (NDA...suck!)

    Would love more options and some really cool new apps, but since we are not getting any announcements of what is coming it is kinda hard to get excited. Sorli...
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    Going to go in the app catalog and see whats ready for the touchpad.
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    Sync it up, put some movies on and check out the apps. I hope to actually be able to test TTS with my Veer.
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    See how everything works!
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    i'm going to synch my gmail, then clean it out. i haven't done any maintenance for months (laziness) but doing it on a new touchpad would be more like fun.

    then i'm going to check the app store...

    then when i get off of work, i'll load preware
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    Install Flickr Mundo Pro.
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    Run the update app
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    Fire up the App Catalog and pray for Netflix.
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    I am going to get it up and running with Evernote and (hopefully) Tapnote, or a Tapnote equivalent.
    Then, put on as many thing that could show it off. I am really looking forward to the Forums app. Ooooooooo. Then I can talk about my Touchpad ON my Touchpad! Obsessive much!?!

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    Hotsync it and learn some Graffiti
    "We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work."
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    I plan to immediately try and test the limits of the multimedia codec support. I want to play xvid and mkv asap somehow.
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    ^^That brings me WAYYYYY back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankdavis View Post
    Hotsync it and learn some Graffiti
    lol, thoe wheree the timess
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    Copy over ALL my PDF ebooks and see if this thing's worth it...
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    PDF is a great idea and hope Adobe Reader allows swipping for page turns? Sorli...
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    something like ComicRack would be nice.
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    start copying a bunch of music and videos to it.
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    I'm going to download lots of apps and then see how many I can run before it starts to slow down.

    Pre+ could do 50 right? So I have high hopes for at least 100. Thats going to take quite a while, will have to extensively use huge stacks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulairi View Post
    I'm going to drive home and start downloading apps. Hopefully, there is a Netflix app. Also, I hope there is an easy way for me to get my iTunes content onto the device.
    netflix won't be there. Netflix is STILL on the fence if you can believe it.
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