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    Every ounce counts if you're holding a device in your hands for more than a few minutes. The original iPad's weight was one my biggest problems with it and it's the reason why I tend to look towards smaller 7" models when I think about getting tablet. The bottom line for me is that I already have a 10" netbook which holds itself up just fine and is a real computer; why should I get a 10" tablet which I need to hold up to use?

    Perhaps you nerds should stop playing WoW for a little while and get into a gym.

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    A rep told me...
    Couldn't help it, found this article entertaining and somewhat relevant xD
    (warning: NSFW language)
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    Seriously lakerguy must be a f-a-n-b-o-y, or just an android nut because I can not see the difference in weight between the ipad 2 and the touchpad to be that big of a difference, unless you have some sort of disease that eats away at your natural muscle that allows you to do daily tasks, anything less than 2 pounds should be an easy thing to hold in your hands unless you're extremely lazy in which case you should just give up on life.
    Just want to thank you for this brilliant comment!
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    I stopped by at lunch today and found a very helpful and eager employee near the display table reserved for the not-yet-arrived touchpad. I asked him if the Best Buy employees were being trained on these new tablet devices running WebOS. He came right back with "I don't need to be trained." He then expressed his love for Android and shared his passion for working at the store and even writing Android apps. I assumed he was about to share all of the touchpad features with me to impress me with his knowledge.

    I went a bit further to explain how many of us users out in the real world were upset with the Best Buy employees and their lack of experience with WebOS. I explained that it wasn't IOS or Android. He said "Oh, then this is the Windows tablet by HP." Ouch!!!
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    I'm hoping once all the commercials start and people come in to Best Buy saying "OMG where is that TouchPad Jay-Z has?" the associates will wise up.
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    thank you for your sacrifice and service to our nation...

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    Hold your underwear for long enough and it too will become a burden; I know, I had to do it for 2 hours at MCRD Parris Island.
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