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    I. Address
    280 School Street, Mansfield, MA 02032

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display: 1 out of 5. There was a display case for the touchpad, but no touchpads to be found any where.

    B. Salesperson knowledge of WebOS: 3 out of 5. He knew the touchpad had WebOS and had the key to unlock the case.

    C. Sales Effort: I'll give him a 5 on this one. He was smart enough to realize I was holding a Palm Pre in my hand, made the correlation between Palm and HP, and assumed I knew how to use WebOS. Seriously I was impressed. (not joking)

    III. Comments:

    I personally despise going to stores like Best Buy. For some reason the salespeople cannot help but preach about their favorite brand of electronic device, especially the crApple guys. The device I am interested in doesn't matter to them, because they're just going to troll you about how crApple is best thing ever invented since the big bang happened.

    I don't care what the hell the sales guy "thinks" is best and I certainly didn't ask. Why do they have to give me their unsolicited opinion about what they think is the best one? If they approached with facts that would be a different story, but I didn't even ask in the first place.

    The worst part is they act very cocky like they sat down and wrote the VHDL code in the hardware of the equipment you want to buy. They clam up when they see you have an RSA token on your ID badge, because for some reason they equate that with you being an IT person, a God-like figure at
    Best Buy, which is comical.

    I just cringe when something is locked at Best Buy and you need that guy to come open it for you. You know that guy: skinny little teenie-bopper with enough cologne on to drive away every mosquito in town. They're usually kicking back in a chair, which is the only equipment they need for work, skinny little arms folded across their chest to try and puff themselves up, one of the drawbacks of weighting 115 pounds, trying to look all gangster when they couldn't fight their way out of paper bag with a razor blade, talking about the new muffler and intake they put on their 1987 Civic that added about one horsepower, and you just know as soon as they leave they throw their hat with the brim shifted to one side, which makes them look like someone smacked them and spun the hat around...

    But this time was different. Best Buy guy actually knew what phone I was holding and that it was some how related to the touchpad I asked for. This guy was genuinely friendly and didn't try to troll me with a crApple iPad or some other useless pastel-colored device my wife would like. Best Buy guy did a good job helping Aunt Sally in front of me too. She was looking for a laptop, but actually received good advice from Best Buy guy and ended up buying a netbook.

    Good job Best Buy guy, ****e setup Best Buy..
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    I. BestBuy Potomac Mills 2730 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge, VA‎ 22192
    +1 (703) 490-7499

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5

    A. Display - 0 (no display)
    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS - 0 (clueless. Spoke to 3 different sales rep)
    C. Sales effort - 0 (they try to sell me Android tablet instead)

    III. Comments

    There is no TouchPad or Veer display case or area. I asked the sales rep and she told me they have the TouchPad in the back (back room not inside the store). So unless you are aware of the TouchPad or Veer, there's no way to see or find out about the HP TouchPad or Veer. They try to sell me Android tablets but I insisted I wanted a TouchPad.

    The iPad 2 and the Xoom have nice display and attracting customer. There's an Apple rep always around going over Apple products including the iPad 2

    HP needs to wake up, FAST if July 17th is their official launch date.

    If the number one tablet (iPad) has a full time rep at Best Buy, HP need more reps at the Best Buy to attract customer.

    Why doesn't HP have a compensation type program that allow webOS enthusiast to signup and visit retail stores telling people about webOS devices.
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