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    Quote Originally Posted by RaleighPalm View Post
    I. Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC
    A. Display. Assembled and placed in prominent location. Empty.
    B. Knowledge: 1 (The kid didn't know)
    C. Effort: 4 (After multiple questions, he found someone who could tell me when they would have it.)

    I asked if I would get to touch one on Friday. The kid said no. When I pressed, he said he didn't know when they would have them. When I pressed some more, he took me to his supervisor. Unfortunately, I learned this store would not have the TouchPad on Friday. The supervisor said the HP rep said they would have units "about two weeks after training". They get training tomorrow (Tuesday 28 Jun 2011).

    I also asked about pre-orders. The kid said I had to do that online.
    I checked the Crabtree store today after work (~4:30p). If today was "training day", HP might want to rethink the curriculum. Zero-for-two from the blue shirts on whether they would have inventory in stock Friday, or when they would have demo units populating the empty HP display. Very disappointing.
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    I went to two separate BB locations and had a pretty different experience at each one.

    First one. This location is the biggest BB in Des Moines, so I figured this would be the one to go to out of all of them to try it out.

    I. BestBuy Address - 4100 University Ave Ste 240. West Des Moines, IA 50265

    A. Display - 5/5 - The kiosk was smack in the middle of all of the laptops and other tablets. Prime location. In a high traffic area, both sides of the kiosk had working, charged TouchPads and had live HP Veers running next to both of them. Couldn't have been better.

    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS - ?/5 - Can't really say since I didn't talk to anyone about it.

    C. Sales effort - ?/5 - See above comment


    There was a completely different experience going to my local BestBuy in Ankeny, IA. I didn't get much time (about 10 minutes) to play with it at the other store since I had two kids bursting with energy, doing laps around the laptop stands. So, I went to the one in my town when I didn't have them with me and I was quite disappointed when I got there.

    I. BestBuy Address - 1955 Southeast Delaware Avenue, Ankeny, IA 50021

    A. Display - 2/5 - They had it at the end cap of an isle near the laptops, but it wasn't immediately recognizable since all they have is a cardboard cutout essentially taped to board. No live demo, no Veer, no nothing but a placeholder that isn't easily seen since it blended in with the stand.

    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS - 2/5 - Since there was no working demo on the floor, I asked a person if they had one I could play with. The gentleman who helped me said he thought one of the BB Mobile guys had one laying around somewhere. He brought me over to one of the mobile guys and he dug around for a bit until he found one. He tried to turn it on (after trying to find the power button for a good minute and a half) and he said it was dead. I told him I would wait a little bit for it to charge. He put it on the charger and I wandered the store. They knew what the TouchPad was, but it was obvious they didn't know anything about it other than it comes out on Friday.

    C. Sales effort - 4/5 - After wandering around for about 30 minutes, I came back to get a go at the TouchPad. When they turned it on, it went into a bootloader type mode with an 'X' in the middle of the screen. Three mobile employees were looking at it and trying to figure out how to get it up and running. The main gentleman said that it had never even been plugged in before now and none of them had any idea how to get it running. They did try to get it running for a good 10 minutes, but ultimately, they couldn't get it going. After an hour in the store, I left without even holding it. I will give them points for trying to fix it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    Although they actually had a display with both 32 and 64GB models, the power outlet was not hooked up.
    You're sure it was a 64GB model? That would be awesome. I haven't heard any confirmation on a 64gb one for sure.
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    Sorry, 16 and 32GB models -nice catch! Edited post to avoid any major riots from erupting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe.s View Post
    I checked the Crabtree store today after work (~4:30p). If today was "training day", HP might want to rethink the curriculum. Zero-for-two from the blue shirts on whether they would have inventory in stock Friday, or when they would have demo units populating the empty HP display. Very disappointing.
    Very disappointing indeed. I had a better but not perfect experience at the Brier Creek store. I'll stop by there on the way home from work on Friday. There's also a store on 6101 Capital Boulevard in north Raleigh (just south of I-540). I'm not sure I'll get there before Friday but it's yet another option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaleighPalm View Post
    Very disappointing indeed. I had a better but not perfect experience at the Brier Creek store. I'll stop by there on the way home from work on Friday. There's also a store on 6101 Capital Boulevard in north Raleigh (just south of I-540). I'm not sure I'll get there before Friday but it's yet another option.
    I stopped by Brier Creek on Saturday morning and got bupkus for my trouble. I pre-ordered at Crabtree figuring my chances were better since they had at least an empty TouchPad display.
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    BestBuy NORTHLAKE GA (Store 513)

    Display 5/5: TouchPad on display on the table between two Veers. TouchPad cardboard also on their row of tablets next to the Android models, as if it will also end up there.

    Salesperson knowledge of webOS - 3/5: Didn't really downplay it or try to sell it. They let me play with it all I wanted and asked if I had any questions, but they didn't know much more than what is out there.

    Sales effort - 3/5: Again no pressure, no hype, but was happy enough to take my order and knew how to do it.
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    I. 7520 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE
    A. Display: 1.
    No touchpads, The two veers did not work. both had charge cables, but only 1 was responsive when plugged in. It would only flash the charging symbol and the hp symbol on a cycle but would never turn on. The other veer did nothing except vibrate a little when keyboard was opened.
    B. Salesperson knowledge of WebOS, Unknown, as I received no help from salesperson. Atleast 3 salespeople in the area doing nothing, but no interest in helping me.
    III. Comments
    Just disappointed.
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    I. Address
    123 Orangefair Mall Rd, Fullerton, CA

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 3
    Despite a lack of actual TouchPad hardware, the station is made of two endcaps with room for four Touchpad demos. They had one standard cardboard stand-in placed on each side with two Veers on either side of one of them. One of the Veers may have been a static demo: I couldn't get it to respond to anything, and the screen looked odd (though lit). The other had so many apps open that I could only get the phone to reboot, and even that took a couple of minutes to get it to respond. I wanted to leave it in good shape for the next customer.

    These Veers were in addition to the pair of Veers in the mobile section.

    B. Salesperson Knowledge - 1*
    I had stopped in to not only see if I could find the TouchPad but also to see if I could find a BlueTooth keyboard for use when my notebook is plugged into my TV. The sales rep told me that they didn't carry many BlueTooth devices since so few notebooks now come with BlueTooth and the protocol is dying out. I thanked him and left. I fear for this store.

    C. Sales Effort - 3
    A different salesperson asked me if I needed assistance when I was looking at the Veer. As I didn't feel like testing their knowledge without the TouchPad there, I let her go, but she was pleasant enough and while she remained nearby, she stayed at a respectable distance.

    III. Comments
    I didn't stick around for long. I had gone in for two things and left somewhat disappointed on both. I'll check back on that place on Thursday and maybe will update this review once I've had a chance to see it in person.
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    I. Irvine, CA

    A. Display: 1 - really 0
    B. Knowledge:1 - really 0
    C Effort: 1 - really 0

    Horrible, still no display. First guy had no idea what I was talking about. Second guy said they would be getting it on July 5th. I told him July 1st was launch day and he was like, well we are a small store.. They had separate display areas for Ipad2, Zoom, and Galaxy with working demo units and on another table in the cell phone section they had e-readers and the playbook and other tablets were over there on a common table, all working units... I went an hour ago..
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    I. 6101 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC (just south of 540)

    A. 2. Standard HP TouchPad table. front signage isn't assembled and laying inside of table. One demo Veer working. Blueshirts indicated demo TouchPads arrived today (Wed) and would be on display for Thursday morning open.
    B. 4. Talked with two blueshirts and they knew the basics and seemed enthusiastic after training with HP rep.
    C. 4. Quote: "Every BestBuy should have five of each model for launch day, with bigger stores getting more." They were not sure whether accessories would be stocked for launch day.
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    I. Madison Heights, MI

    A. Two displays back to back, TouchPad on each one, Veers were nowhere to be found.

    B. The sales kid that came up was at first really into the TouchPad. He said it's without a doubt the best one aside from the iPad 2 and it beats the android ones without question. He said he really liked it, but he had a ipad2.

    C. Effort: He also commented on how fast the TouchPad is. I agree with him on that, it's really snappy. Then when I asked if I could buy one (right now) he said they are nto launching until this monday. He radioed over to someone else and called it the Veer. ha! He didn't try to show me anything else, he said I could preorder one now or come get one on monday.

    I messed with it for a good 20 minutes. The anti-theft thing makes it feel a lot bulkier than it really is I think. The one and only thing that bothers me is the stupid dots in the screen you can see in direct light. The Pre/2 has it too. I was really impressed with the speakers, way better than the ipads built in ones. I'll definitely be buying one as soon as I can.
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    I. 4650 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Phone: 319-294-1030

    A. Display: 1
    B. Knowledge: 1
    C Effort: 1

    Display and Knowledge rating above should be zero, as they were both non-existent, but instructions said to rate from 1-5. I walked in and headed for the computer section and walked around a bit looking. Seeing nothing I asked the one employee who was in the section if they had a Touchpad demo. He started to ask something, but caught himself and changed his question to "As in HP?" I felt there was at least a fighting chance. I replied affirmatively and he said no, but suggested I check back in a month or so. This is on the evening of June 29th. I replied that they go on sale on July 1st. He then said I could try checking back in a couple weeks, and apologized saying they don't really have any knowledge of unannounced products. I told him that H.P. has very publicly announced that they will be on sale on July 1st at Best Buy as well as other locations and that if they had no knowledge there is a "management" issue. He then told me that maybe the manager knows, but he doesn't. At that point I said thanks and left. Overall, a pretty disappointing experience.
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    I. 3221 Sunridge Way NE Calgary AB

    II. A. Display = 1 ZERO demo models, and a flat screen with a video....snore...I went out for this and I have the same thing here???

    B. Salesperson knowledge = ZERO. Tried selling me an iPad, I pulled out my Pre and showed it to her. I was told over the phone, ( I didn't believe them, so I asked them 3-4 times in a row before I left the house), that I could come down and buy one today. After I TOLD her about the $70 discount, that she had to go verify, she came out of the back with a nice box clutched in her hands. I asked about the return policy as well as warranty. 14 day return policy and as we were checking up on the warranty, the screen flashed DO NOT SELL UNTIL 15 JULY 2011.

    It seemed to me she was a high-schooler that hadn't had a lot of training, I didn't fault her for that, but that's what I got for service.

    C. Sales effort, again, improper training, and probably would have been the same no matter what tablet/laptop/PC I was inquiring about. Where were the real salesmen? It was close to lunch so maybe they were all out together.

    III. Similar experience at Futureshop, the salesman, again young person, maybe 20 at the oldest, as soon as I mentioned TouchPad, he tried to get me on a iPad and I literally had to cut him off and hold my hand up. He seemed pretty defeated, I told him I wasn't interested in an iPad, if I was I would have asked for one.

    Even though I didn't have the greatest experience, I'm still getting mine at Futureshop as I had reserved one at the end of our little conversation, if that is they are doing the same $70 price slash. Otherwise I'll get the TouchPad at BB(they didn't have any accessories in stock either) and the accessories at FS.
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    I went back to my local store to get a price match. Here is my thoughts...

    I. Address
    10346 E Us Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 1.5
    One Touchpad on display on an endcap. This was a little bit away from the other tablets, except for the Xoom, which was one endcap over. The display had one TouchPad only, no Veers (mobile dept only had a dummy Veer). Display held TP in Portrait mode while the demo played in landscape.

    B. Salesperson Knowledge - 1
    No salesmen anywhere around. I'd rank this as a 0, but the scale is 1-5.

    C. Sales Effort - 1
    See above.

    III. Comments
    The only thing they had out, besides the TP, was the screen protector (Invisible Shield by Zagg). I didn't want to put out $30 for a protector, so we left.
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    I. Rogers, MN

    A. Display: 1

    While the display area was easy to see, and easy to access, the 16gb device was not functioning. They left the device on display with an error message in the top left corner. The cumbersome security devices are a real issue, but not BB's fault.

    B. Knowledge: 1

    None. The sales staff seemed to be afraid of the TP. When any customer asked a question about the device, the salesperson would just say it was a new HP device, with a "different" type of OS, and whisk them off to see the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, or iPad2. Very dissappointing. HP should have hired and deployed a large team of reps to be in stores on launch day to show off the devices, and TRAIN store employees. This was a huge oversight given the lack of general knowledge about WebOS in the market.

    C Effort: 2

    Steering people to other devices because you don't know how to operate a device is undersatndable, but not acceptable.


    The biggest roadblocks to better sales numbers at this point have nothing to do with the TP's capabilities. It's all about presentation and sales staff knowledge. If the sales staff knew how to navigate WebOS, and understood its capabilities, I think you'd see fewer of these left on the shelves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    If I was a sales man I would feel bad recommending a touch pad to someone in its current state. More than likely that person will be disappointed in their purchase an blame me plus I lose out on that commission
    Best Buy workers are not on commission, they are straight pay. Perhaps that is the cause of their lack of motivation to actually do their job (most of them, not all)
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    I. Address:

    26 Plaza Dr Marketplace Shopping
    Fairview Heights, IL 62208

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display (looks well kept, demo models are working, area easily accessible, well-lit etc )? 3

    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS (ie does he/she know the basics of TouchPad's unique features among tablets (ie webOS features such as just type, synergy, multitasking, TTS, sharing phone call between webOS phone and TouchPad) N/A

    C. Sales effort (i.e.does the salesperson appear positive when talking to customers about the TouchPad, does she/he seem to "like" webOS?) N/A

    III. Comments

    This BB had a very nice display kiosk set up for the TouchPad and Veer. On one side of the kiosk there was a Veer and TouchPad side by side on display. The Veer had power and was working just fine. The TouchPad was dead. Dead battery and the USB cable was barely in the socket on the TP. In fact, it looked to me the USB port on the TP could have been damaged. I pulled the USB cable out and then plugged it back into the TP and it started charging.

    On the other side of the kiosk is just one TouchPad. It was plugged in an operating just fine. The wife and I played around on this one and liked the experience. The store was not very busy, but there just weren't many BlueShirts around. So I did not get to speak with anyone regarding the TP or Veer. Both TouchPads had absolutely filthy screens. Filthy! And the TP the wife and I used had a screen problem. If you placed your fingers around the back of the TP and pressed down around the edges of the screen, the screen would actually sink into the TP a bit. I think this particular TP had been abused pretty well.

    The HP kiosk obviously needs some more TLC from the BlueShirts.
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    I. BestBuy 4505 S Medford DR Lufkin, Tx 75901

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 0
    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS -0
    C. Sales effort -0

    III. Comments

    There was no display in the store. I asked if they had one on display and the salesperson pointed in the direction of the best buy mobile are and said they might have one. She mentioned they had one in a locked case underneath the ipads.
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    I. BestBuy La Crosse (Onalaska, WI)

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 5
    B. Salesperson knowledge of webOS -3
    C. Sales effort -3

    Pictures URL:

    III. Comments

    The first time I went to the Best Buy on "soft launch day ", they had a touchpad mixed in with all the other tablets, the touchpad also did not have a display stand, I told the rep that it might be a good idea for them to setup a stand so that it gets better visibility and they can actually sell the product. The salesperson had decent knowledge of WebOs. I also noticed that it was not connected to Wifi. I complained about the arrangements of all the tablets and he said that by next week the computer & tablet section will be undergoing a major revamp for better placement and visibility.

    I went to Best Buy yesterday and it was completely revamped. They had a dedicated kiosk setups for Xoom, HP, Samsung and Ipad. The placement for the Touchpad was excellent, it was right in the middle of the computer section and had room for shoppers to move around. The Xoom was the first display that customers see as they go to the computer/tablet section bu it is close to the aisle where people are constantly moving about. The Touchpad was smack in the middle and was the only kiosk that had Touchpad on the front and back of the display kiosk. The Ipad was a little further down the road and close to the apple section. The Galaxy Tab kiosk was hidden in the back somewhere, and the playbook was lost with the other generic tablets. They also had a beatiful display section for ereaders.
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