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    hhahah love that angry birds easter egg.... something very nice to show to friends for sure~!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    Many times, reviewers will be made privy of updates that would otherwise be released to the general public on launch day only, so as to make the reviews as close to the final product as possible.

    clevin: wanna bet a dollar that there will be a significant update on July 1st?
    we shall see.

    any exactly how do you define "significant update"?
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    Must be downtime in the sports world because people are making wagers on Touchpad updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    Must be downtime in the sports world because people are making wagers on Touchpad updates.
    i did not, those should be communicated in PM, per mod, not in open forum.
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    Anyone find any demo units to play with in the Milwaukee area? Walmart or Best Buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    i did not, those should be communicated in PM, per mod, not in open forum.
    You do realize that by replying to my post, you've automatically entered into a legally binding agreement and that you must now fulfill your obligations, as set forth by USC Title 18, Section 249, right?

    Back OT, although I don't intend to be the source for the final meaning of a "significant update", I'd say that any update that affects major parts of the OS and also includes some changes to the user experience can be considered significant.

    Nonetheless, you ain't weaseling yourself out of this bet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhunterjr View Post
    Releasing updates prior to launch isn't unique to the playbook, nor is it a signal that the launch will resemble the playbooks. This is actually very common w/ software nowadays. Many phones update the day you buy them, and plenty of video games do it as well. Its often the only way to meet ship date AND have the best OS build on the device day 1.
    I think he was referring to the ultimate demise (we can call it that by now, right?) of the Playbook and how he (and everyone here) hopes the TouchPad doesn't follow suit.
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    I finally got to put my hands on the demo at my local Walmart. Two things before I get started: (1) I have a sense of humor and use it often. (2) I do have some criticisms about the TouchPad. So if you donít have a sense of humor or cannot accept anything less than a glowing report, stop reading now.

    I liked the overall appearance of the TP. It was difficult to gauge the weight since there was a huge anti-theft device attached. Itís pretty much all plastic. The back cover is curved along the outer area. It appeared the center portion was flat. It didnít seem to be so bad you could play spin-the-bottle with it, but I could be wrong.

    Is the back cover a fingerprint magnet? Oh, heck yes. Itís more like a fingerprint black hole, attracting fingerprints from anything within a 10 foot radius. But I plan to have it in some type of case/cover whenever Iím away from home so I can get over that. Annoying? Yes, but not a showstopper for me.

    The screen does have a glare from the lights, but what fully functional tablet doesnít have glare? Iíll spend $16.88 to try out the plastic film cover to see how that works.

    Just because itís plastic doesnít mean it feels cheap though. Iím not gonna toss around a $600 device like a Frisbee and I certainly will take great care to not drop one. Style is a very subjective thing. Once again, I plan to have mine covered up so the fact thereís no cool metal trim or something along those lines is no big deal to me.

    I opened up almost all of the available apps/functions on the menu pages. The lag time for the initial launch was anywhere between 3-8 seconds, even if nothing else was running. The types of apps on the longer end of the scale tended to be things like email and messaging. The quicker ones seemed to be things like the photo album. This time delay was starting at the time I tapped the icon until the app was open and ready for use.

    Remember I said initial launch. Whenever I closed an app after the initial use and re-launched it, it was almost instant with 1-2 second response to open. It seems HP created some type of memory buffer to reduce the response time to launch them. If I opened several apps and went back to one I previously opened, it did return to the long 3-8 second range to open.

    On another topic, the screen changed orientation rather quickly whenever the TP was rotated around. It took about 1 second for the screen to respond. The screen registered my touch rather quickly. Apps began to launch on the first tap and my aim did not need to be dead-center of the icon.

    I suppose if you compare the amount of time to open up applications like Outlook and Firefox on a regular computer, itís considerably less on the TouchPad with an 8 second reaction time. There was no internet connection or I would have tried testing the processor by performing various functions. The most I could do is open a bunch of the built-in apps. The jury is out on how well the TP will handle a normal workload for me until I have a real one in my hands.

    • I wasnít able to view the App Catalog for obvious reasons. Nothing new to report which hasnít already been said about the built-in apps available.
    • There was a Printer Set-up feature. It appears you can set up a printer which is connected to your local network. I couldnít tell if it would only work for HP printers or if it supported other models.
    • Unfortunately, there wasnít much testing I could do without an internet connection.

    As a webOS fan, Iím interested in the functionality that differentiates webOS from the competition (multi-tasking, synergy, phone integration, etc). The reputation of a thin selection of apps has been a concern for awhile. Hopefully HP delivers its promises to deliver apps. I wonít repeat any other concerns with apps so this doesnít slip into another debate.

    Bottom line Ė Will I buy a TouchPad instead of something else? Yes, for the simple reason of the OS functionality described above.

    Will I feel I got my moneyís worth? Iím not sure. Iíll know more once I get a real one in my hands for a few days. Plus, time will tell if HP delivers on all the promises made.

    Feel free to PM with questions because I doubt Iíll check this thread very often.
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