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    I am taking a road trip next weekend, but I want to get the Touchpad before I leave. Will the car charger I have for the Pre work to charge the touchpad? What do you think?
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    At best it will probably be able to trickle charge it. Just like the iPad the TouchPad needs a much higher powered charger to really charge.
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    I remember hearing on one of the video demos( I think it was that 36 minute one) that it need a higher amperage charger, at least for the touchstone.

    A regular charger will work, it'll prolly just be super slow.
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    It will probably need a higher output 2A charger like the iPad. I have this one and will let you know if it works for the TP next week.
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    I have a power inverter, that might work.
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    Most brick car chargers work fine on my iPad, im sure they will do fine on my Touchpad. As long as it can handle a laptop it should be fine.
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