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    Hello Everyone,

    I know that some of these questions may not be answerable until after launch, but I know there have been a lot of videos floating around and while I've seen many I have by no means seen them all. If you can answer any of these questions please do!


    1) Phone/Text sharing: I know that TTS will be phone to TouchPad and TouchPad to phone. Do we know if you can initiate a phone call or text on the TouchPad or can you only respond to/answer incoming calls and texts?

    2) Video Formats: I use EyeTV on my Mac and there's an option to format videos for iPad. Will this format work on the TouchPad?

    3) Is there any indication of when the Veer will actually be compatible with TTS and phone/text sharing?

    4) I know the Palm Profile will be able to work on both a phone and the TouchPad. Is there any word about using multiple phones with the same profile (ex. I have a Veer and an unlocked Pre 2. Can I put my profile on my TP and both of those phones?)

    I'm extremely excited for the 1st!!
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    I doubt anybody knows 2 and 3.

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    1) i have not seen that happen yet, but i cant see why not because the TP is just acting like a bluetooth headset.

    2)it should work if ure encoding it to .h264. the TP and ipad have the same dimensions so unless u saved those files in some ipad only type of format it should be fine. i used to do the same for my pre- and has always worked smoothly

    3) TTS will work with the veer after a software update. Text and call forwarding have already been seen working on pre2 and veer at the HP discover event.

    4) I have no idea -=X
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    You can only run a profile on one phone at a time. You can of course create as many profiles as you want, but purchased apps are per-profile
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    1) I think in one of the many videos we saw a phone app. Might only be for Skype, but I can't see why this wouldn't be available.
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    I think the iPad video format works. Hard to say yet. I'm sure the final version of the software will be in testing until July 1, when everyone will get an update for the software for launch.

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