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    Noticed a couple of articles today on google news about a 7" inch Touchpad launching in August. Here's the link:

    HP reportedly to offer 7-in. tablet after TouchPad debut - Computerworld

    I wonder what the pricing will be.
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    does anyone now why when I click on a link from my original Pre it does nothing.

    I can't see link in this thread
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    Here's the article:

    Computerworld - The 9.7-in. TouchPad coming on July 1 from Hewlett-Packard (HP) will be quickly followed by a 7-in. tablet from HP in August, according to a report.

    Taiwan Economic News on Friday cited an unnamed subcontractor for Inventec Corp., a PC maker in Taiwan, for information about the smaller tablet. The story said Inventec has "received big-ticket orders for tablet PCs from HP," for both the 9.7-in. TouchPad and a 7-in. model launching in August.

    The announced TouchPad runs WebOS, but no other details were available on the 7-in. model.

    Inventec and HP could not be reached for comment.

    HP has not announced a 7-in. tablet, although that form factor is becoming fairly common alongside tablets with screens close to 10 inches in size.

    The popular iPad has a 9.7-in. touchscreen, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab started with a 7-in. version, then moved to a 10.1-in. version and in March Samsung announced an 8.9-in. version.

    The BlackBerry PlayBook also has a 7-in. touchscreen, while the Motorola Xoom has a 10.1 in. screen. The Cisco Cius will be 7 inches when it finally ships in July.

    Matt Hamblen covers mobile and wireless, smartphones and other handhelds, and wireless networking for Computerworld
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    I will be taking a wait and see approach on the touchpad for this simple reason. I want to see a 7 inch webos tablet.
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    An internal roadmap from HP back from january said, that the Opal tablet will be released in september.

    I think the august date is most likely the start of production and/or the date of the announcement, while september will be the date of availability.

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