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    Yeah, go vote!

    What are you still doing here? GO VOTE!
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    Voted!!! TP FTW
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    i don't think there's been a webOS related poll that we've lost yet.
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    "Voted" by rating the TP a 10. I hope folks don't start making the TP = toilet paper joke.
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    That's why I refuse to call it "TP".
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    ......and just like that the TP is in 1st
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidtm View Post
    "Voted" by rating the TP a 10. I hope folks don't start making the TP = toilet paper joke.
    "TP Poll" and "TP Roll" are only one letter off
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    Just making a point, that not all WebOS gambits all vote 10.

    I voted 7, and can not wait to trade my iPad 1.0 for the HP TpuchPad on July 1st.

    I however still hold that there will be room for improvement and of course the HP TouchPad 2.0 will be even better.

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    Voted!! Go TP!

    I mean...Touchpad!
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    Wish I could see how many votes each had. Most were averaging somewhere around 3-5 out of 10. TouchPad was 7.7 when I voted.
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    Wow, the TouchPad is #1 by far -7.9 points average, whereas the #2 (Galaxy Tab 10.1) has a measly 5.8.
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    Wow, I am mean. I just voted 10 for the TouchPad and 1 for the rest. Not realistic at all. The 10.1 does deserve some props because it is a great piece of hardware. I would more than love having the 10.1 with WebOS vs. the TouchPad. But then again you have to squeeze in Touch-To-Share and a few other things...
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    I'm fully confident (well, most here are too) that HP will release a higher-end TouchPad in the near future.

    At which point my TouchPad will find itself on eBay and it'll help "subsidize" my TouchPad Pro/2/XR3000/whatevertheycallit purchase.
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    As usual webOS is in the lead, by a wide margin. GO TOUCHPAD!!!
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    I voted giving the touchpad a 9 (i haven't used it yet) and the Galaxy tab a 10. Anyone else notice that the playbook wasn't on the list but the B/W nook was.
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    Wow a 10 for the Galaxy Tab. I tried the unit the other day and did not find Honeycomb too receptive.

    Why a 10? Still haven't seen much about Android to get me all excited. Apps were not really that good. Only thing that worked well for me was Youtube, but I guess the new hardware specs deserve a thumbs up!

    I've already checked the poll and suspect the webOS community will landslide everyone else attempt at support.

    Also interesting no Playbook! I almost feel bad for them, but then when your fighting for 3rd's Survival of the fittest Sorli...
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    Lots of people are doing backflips over the screen and hardware design of the Galaxy S, regardless of a crappy OS.
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    I was all set to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 until I read about this issue: Issue 15958 - android - Honeycomb - Portrait mode scrolling between panes stutters and is laggy

    It's prevalent in apps and in the UI. It's either caused by Honeycomb or the Tegra2 chip. I canceled my 10.1 preorder after reading that, and have since tried it out at BB. Yep, it lags enough to bother me.
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