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    I'm really looking forward to the massive advertisement for the Touchpad to finally start flexing its muscles.
    I've read articles mentioning Russel Brand, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, (of course Manny Pacquaio), and Lebron James.
    I want to dedicate this thread to updates as they come in for these advertisements...I'll go ahead and link the first one
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    I just saw the Manny Pacquiao TouchPad commercial on ABC at around 8:45pm est.
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    i too am anxious to see these adds on TV. I remember the "PC is Personal again "ad campaign from HP years ago and I thought it was effective. It seems they have a good concept with these other spokespeople, but if no one sees them.......

    I wonder if they are worried about driving demend for a product they they themselves are not yet comfortable with....(start pushing after teh first OTA patch? Will that be too late?
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    I just saw another Russell Brand commercial. This one was in the form of the other ones where he had the TP in front of his face. The thing I find funny about these though is that at the end it shows there face through the TP like it has a rear facing camera, but it doesnt.

    Also, on the subject of advertising, I was at a restaurant last night and ESPN was on the television. Im not into sports or anything but I glanced at the screen off and on and noticed that the show was sponsored by HP. The cool thing that I noticed though is that there was one instance where it looked like they were using the webOS card view interface to switch between highlights and other stuff. So the TV screen looked like something you would see on webOS. I thought that was cool.
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    I just hope HP don't forget that the world is bigger than the US.
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    I see a Russell Brand/Touchpad advert on CNBC at least once a day on the TV in the breakroom.
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    I'm hoping to see BorgQueen again.

    (OK, OK, I'm kidding, though my wife actually liked them).
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I'm hoping to see BorgQueen again.

    (OK, OK, I'm kidding, though my wife actually liked them).
    Those were CREEPY!
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    I heard a commercial today on the RADIO! No joke

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