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    I Pre-Ordered my TouchPad about an hour ago and I just have to say I don't think the Best Buy employee's are educated on the product yet. I asked if I could pre-order and he just replied, "That's a really good question!" and about 10 minutes later (after I said you could since June 19) he came back I pre-ordered it.

    I don't blame him though I just think HP should put someone in the stores or educate them more so they can get people to pre-order it. Plus he had a really cool HP Beats Audio pen that I wanted... I'm just happy I ordered it!

    32 gig TocuhPad!! Can't wait!!!

    Oh and I did this!
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    hahaha sabotage~!
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    OMG!!! LOL.....That is soooooo BOSS!!!

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